Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


April 18 – S. Dunlap was dispatched to 224 Redwood Dr. where Gary Martin, Jr. reported that someone had entered and ransacked both his and his wife’s vehicles. Several items were missing, including prescription medicines, fishing rods and tackle, and a Samsung S6 phone. The loss was estimated at $744.


April 18 – S. Dunlap responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Lesley Street. Upon arriving he made contact with a vehicle driven by Joseph Brock, WM, 39, 5’9″, 200 pounds, of Breazeale Rd. The vehicle had a paper tag but a stolen SC tag was found underneath it. Brock was taken into custody and charged with receiving stolen property.


April 17 – S. Dunlap responded to the Pilot truck stop at 110 Frontage Road where store manager Aaron Mangini reported that someone had tried to cash a counterfeit check for $994, before fleeing in a burgundy SUV with Georgia license tag CBY1882. It was subsequently discovered on the store video that another subject had in fact cashed a check for $998 that also proved counterfeit.

April 18 – P.D. Marter responded to 104 Halter Dr. to the Foothills Motor Sports location where Eric Crowe reported the theft of a 2004 Honda ATV valued at $3000.

April 18 – D. McQueen was dispatched to 117 Effie Dr. where Jeremy Hendrix reported that someone had broken into his work truck and stolen approximately $15 in cash.

April 19 – J.R. Richey and P.D. Marter were dispatched to the area of Hwy. 81 N in response to a possible stolen vehicle, reported by the Greenville County sheriff’s Office. They located the vehicle which fled at a high rate of speed, and in a reckless manner. After several minutes, supervisors at the ACSO terminated the chase due to public safety concerns. Later that night, the GCSO notified Anderson County that the vehicle’s GPS unit showed it on Barfield Road off Circle Drive. The vehicle was subsequently found abandoned at the end of the road. The suspect had fled on foot.


April 17 – J.R. Brunson responded to 4531 Hwy. 29N where Whitney Adger reported that her roommate, name and description withheld, had taken her car without her permission, while they were at a gas station.

April 19 – K. Evatt and M.G. Davis were dispatched to the area of Mitchell Rd. and Pine Trail in reference to a suspicious vehicle. Upon arriving, they found a blue Lincoln with a Michigan tag, along with Greg Moore, WM, 53, 5’9″, 180 pounds, brn/hazel, asleep on the shoulder of the road. He told the deputies that he had had a few drinks. He said when he realized he was too drunk to drive, he stopped and laid down to sleep it off. He was arrested for public disorderly conduct.

April 19 – K. Evatt and M.G. Davis responded to a report of a possible break-in in progress at 102 Foghorn Court. The complainant reported that the subject rang the doorbell and kicked the door repeatedly. They appeared to be drunk or on some drug, according to the caller.

A DNR officer, Jeffrey Ginn responded and detained Joseph Boone, BM, 45, 6’2″, 200 pounds, of Anderson, until the deputies could arrive. Boone told deputies he had been to a bachelor party in NC and the person he rode back with had put him out at the incident location. He said he was lost and was simply trying to get directions from someone. He was taken into custody and transported to ACDC.