Williamston Town Council special meeting for annexation


For Annexation

Williamston Town Council will hold a special called meeting tonight (Monday, June 8) for second reading on the annexation of the strip of land on 13 properties. First reading on the annexation of Life Journey Church in Pelzer will also be held during the special called meeting. If Williamston’s ribbon annexation passes on second reading, it effectively takes the 13 properties out of the Pelzer annexation and blocks adjacent properties, including those on Depot Road, by making them non-contiguous to Pelzer.

View Williamston strip annexation area – (Purple Outlined Area in center of map)

View Proposed Pelzer Annexation Area
View Pelzer Annexation Area if Williamston Annexation passes
(Purple Outlined Area and Depot Road will be taken out of the Pelzer Annexation)