Anderson County awarded funding for removal of blighted structures


Pelzer Heritage Commission partners on program

Anderson County has been selected as one of twenty governmental entities in South Carolina to be awarded funding from S.C. Housing under the Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP). The NIP is designed to help stabilize property values and prevent future foreclosures for existing property owners in strategically targeted areas through the removal of blighted structures.  The Pelzer Heritage Commission will be working with Anderson County on the NIP as a non-profit partner.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with Anderson County on this important project”, said Dianne Lollis, President of the Pelzer Heritage Commission. “Blighted vacant and abandoned residential structures are a huge problem in Pelzer and the surrounding area, and I’m glad that we can partner up and help deal with these properties not only here in Pelzer but all throughout Anderson County.”

“This is a game-changing announcement”, said Anderson County Council Chairman Tommy Dunn. “Blighted properties are one of the items of most concern to our constituents. We have made great strides in dealing with these blighted structures over the past few years through our standard demolition program, and thanks to the NIP and S.C. Housing we can now make some major progress in a short period of time.”

Anderson County has received approval for up to $2,496,284 in funding from the NIP. Funds will be used to demolish and green substandard and blighted residential properties in eleven target areas throughout the County including the following areas:

· Appleton-Equinox

· Belton Area

· Broadway

· Gossett Street

· Homeland Park

· Honea Path Area

· Iva Area

· Morningside-Orr Mill

· Pendleton Area

· Piedmont Area

· Williamston-Pelzer-West Pelzer

Properties will be acquired through the voluntary consent of the property owner. Public meetings will be scheduled in these target areas prior to site selection and blight elimination activity.

The NIP assists communities by acting as a catalyst to stimulate redevelopment and revitalization in areas suffering from blight, stabilizing property values and assisting in foreclosure prevention and the preservation of existing neighborhoods. NIP is a joint venture of the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority and the SC Housing Corp. (SCHC), a not-for-profit corporation. NIP is made possible by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund.

Pelzer Heritage partners with County on blight