Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

June 23 – Shianne Danielle Gosnell, 17, 19 Parker St,. Williamston reported shoes and a cell phone valued at $80 missing after she let two white males, one of which she knew, into the residence. Z. T. Parks investigated.

June 23 – Kimerly Ellis Tucker, 41, 5 Mattison St., Williamston was issued a summons for driving under suspension and a warning for defective equipment after a red SUV was observed traveling east on Greenville Dr. with only one functioning brake lamp. M. E. Simmons investigated.

June 23 – McDonalds of Williamston, 4 W. Main reported a white female with a white male in the passenger seat of a four door Honda attempted to pay for food at the drive-thru with a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. The suspect took back the counterfeit bill and paid with a legal $20 bill. J. T. Hunt investigated.

June 23 – Bobby Lewis Clinkscales, 56, 102 River Dr., Williamston reported a Storm Kat portable generator valued at $139 taken from the residence. S. N. Robison investigated.

June 23 – Gregory Lee Cole Jr., 28, 32 East Main St. reported a suspected fraud incident in which a man claiming to be Christopher Ploutarhous of gpad architecture in London England sent Cole an email stating he had a breach of contract issue against a client in Greenville SC who owes him $147,000 for architectural and design services rendered. The incident remains under investigation. G. Cremer investigated.

June 24 – Shannon Dean Howard, 48, 97 Parker St., Williamston was issued a summons for failure to surrender a tag and operating an uninsured vehicle after a white Honda was observed on Greenville Drive and Market St. J. T. Hunt investigated.

June 25 – Officers arrested an unidentified male after Alexander Garza, 28, 19 Ellison St., Williamston reported being assaulted by the man at the residence. K. S. Looney, C. Samuel investigated.

June 25 – Linda Gail Chapman reported a rear window AC unit missing from the middle rental unit at 103 Belton Dr. The AC unit was valued at $300. The incident remains under investigation. G. Cremer investigated.

June 25 – Richard Dean Perkins, Jr. 39, 135 Stillwater Dr., Greenville was arrested for possession with intent to distribute (methamphetamine), close proximity to a school, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under suspension after a white Honda was observed on Minor St. with beads hanging from the rear view mirror. A small baggie of a green leafy substance was found in the driver’s side dash. A black book bag was found in the trunk with two baggies containing an off white/clear crystal like substance , a set of scales with what appeared to be marijuana residue on them, two white oval pills with M367 imprinted on them, a dark yellow pill with no markings and rolling papers. Another clear baggie with a green leafy substance was found betweenthe passengers seat and the center console. There was also a silver marijuana grinder in an open compartment under the CD player of the vehicle. K. S. Looney, C. Samuel investigated.

June 27 – Jennifer Dawn Gosnell, 39, 19 Parker St., Williamston reported an incident of vandalism in which a gas cap on her car was unscrewed allowing rain in the gas nozzle entrance. J. T. Hunt investigated.

June 28 – Ronald Anthony Todd, 17, 5 Sunset Ct., Williamston was arrested for discharging firearm in the city. According to reports, officers were dispatched to Sunset Court in reference to a fight in progress involving approximately 10 people, some with baseball bats. There was also reports of gunshots in the area. Upon arrival on the scene, all lights were out at the residence and no one was seen outside. During the investigation Todd stated two vehicles had stopped in front of his house and then slowly went up the road and that he fired two shots in the air “to scare them away.”. It was determined Todd had fired a bolt action rifle in the city limits resulting in his arrest. S. N. Robison investigated.

June 28 – Joshua Michael Deese, 33, 1 Wardlaw Street Dr., Pelzer was arrested for public intoxication after officers responded to E. Carolina St., in reference to reports of a white male with a shotgun. Upon investigation it was determined Deese threw a big stick in the woods after someone said it was a shotgun. S. N. Robison investigated.

June 29 – James Adam Pearson, 25, 733 Anderson Dr., Williamston was arrested for driving under the influence, open container and failure to stop for a blue light after officers observed a blue Dodge Ram truck on Main St. with a passenger headlight missing. The vehicle turned onto Gossett and Pecan Terrace Apartments where the driver exited the vehicle and ran on foot. An open cold can of Bud Light was found in the vehicle and Pearson was apprehended attempting to reach his residence at 733 Anderson Hwy. S. N. Robison, Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.