Around the County . . .


The following projects are underway across the county according to the Anderson County Public Works Department:

Building and Codes

·         Investigated a complaint we received regarding an above ground pool that did not have a fence/barrier surrounding the pool. Above ground pools that are 48 inches above grade are not required to have a fence/barrier surrounding the pool. The walls themselves act as the fence/barrier. Also, the property was enclosed by a chain-link fence. No further action required.

·         Plan Review Staff Meetings: 1) Met with Architect on Project Machine/TTI to review responses to our review comments. Various questions were addressed and the drawings were re-submitted for review.

·         PERMITS SUBMITTED: 17 New Single-Family Dwelling Issued and 5 Addition-Renovation; 4 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 24 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 7 Swimming Pools; 4 Demolition; 12 Commercial

·         DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Happy Day Auto Sale Modular Office Building located in Piedmont, New Spring Church Renovation located off Concord Rd, Vital Care EMS Addition located in Piedmont and various resubmittals

·         June Stats:

o   Revenue Up 30% from prior month ($81,286.20 to $105,474.90)

o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits Down 11% from prior month (71 to 63)

o   Total of 677 permits/transactions (Up 7% from Prior Month): 164 Building, 170 Electrical, 107 Plumbing, 117 HVAC, 76 Mobile Homes, 14 Demolition, 29 Miscellaneous

Development Standards

·         Land Use Board of Zoning Appeals met on Thursday July 9th and approved the following variances:

§  Approval to allow for a single-wide mobile home to replace a single-family home located on Night Hawk Road, Belton.

§  Approval to allow for a double wide mobile home to replace a single-family home located on Melton Road, Liberty.

§  Approval to allow for two additional wall signs for ATT building located in Centerpointe Shopping Center, Powderville.

§  Approved application for Q-Trip Convenience store to allow for two (2) signs attached to the building, one on the front and one on the rear building, and allow for a monument sign of 24 square feet and allow for the free-standing large sign to 360 square feet. This approval is for their proposed convenience store located on Highway 86.


§  Project Machine Industrial Distribution & Assembly Plant located on Ryobi Drive

§  QT Convenience Store-Revised Plans Canopy Addition located on Highway 86, Piedmont.

§  Overview Assisted Living Facility located on Barr Circle in Powdersville.

§  Commercial Development located on Commons Blvd. Piedmont.

§  Floodplain Development Permit for a 2 acre parcel located on New Prospect Church Road.

§  Floodplain Development Permit for 103 Poore Road, Piedmont.


§  Dr. Joseph Abraham Medical Office Building located on Highway 81N, Anderson

§  Skip J Firing Range Addition located on Murphy Road



§  Project Machine TTI located on Ryobi Drive, Anderson


§  Proposed Residential Subdivision located on Shiloh Circle off of Highway 81


§  Complaint received within Teakwood Subdivision that someone has pulled in a camper

§  Illegal signage reported by Council person on Midway Road, Brown Road, and Hopewell Road. Signage has been placed on the list for removal on Friday.

·         June Stats:

o   Land Use Permits, 118

o   Septic Tank Permits, 89

o   Commercial Upfits-6

o   Home Business, 4

Roads & Bridges

·         Grading crew continued building the approaches on Long Road; all fill dirt is be trucked to site.  They also graded a new area to stock pile soil for all crews across the street from our maintenance office, and started clearing and grubbing on Blake Dairy Road West.

·         Bridge crew continued working on Long Road Bridge: pile caps being formed along with rebar cages being completed for both pile caps; concrete pour scheduled for week of July 14th.

·         Asphalt crew strip patched all week, including Mill Street in the Belton area, and returned to installing new driveway aprons the week of July 6-10.

·         Gray Drive, in the Williamston area, was resigned after we received a report that all the road closed signs were pushed over by vandals over the weekend.

·         Completed punch list inspection for the Piedmont paving contract; contractor is expected to start work on punch list in two weeks.

·         This week contractor full-depth patched 3 roads in District 7, 1 road in District 3 and 2 roads in District 2 as part of 2014-15 FDP-ST Contract.

·         Developed a conceptual plan for James Road and Powdersville Road intersection improvement.

·         6/29-7/2 on-call crew received 16 after-hours call-outs totaling 53.5 man-hours: all 16 calls were trees across the road.

·         7/6-7/10 on-call crew received 5 after-hours call-outs, totaling 40 man-hours: 4 were tress across the road and 1 for a dead deer in the road.

·         June Stats:

o   Requests: 550 new, 460 closed, 356 open.

o   On call: 31 after-hours call-outs for a total of 121.5 man-hours

o   Encroachments: 29 permits for a total of $9,130.05 (Year 191/$35,095.50).

Solid Waste

·         Environmental Enforcement was called out to Belton Highway/Shirley Store Rd. for an open storage issue. A 30 day clean up order was issued. Property will need to be cleaned up by August 9, 2015.

·         Environmental Enforcement has charged one individual for an illegal dumping of 15 bags of garbage on Taylor Rd. in Honea Path. We are looking for one individual that was involved and another individual ran from the scene. He now has a warrant out for his arrest for leaving the scene.

·         Cleaned up an illegal dumping of 50 tires on Shady Grove Rd. in Honea Path. The tires were taken to the Anderson Regional MRF to be recycled.

·         Conducted a KAB Board meeting to discuss scheduling our next Shred Day Event and participating in the Williamston Spring Water Festival, Belton Standpipe Festival, Honey SOP Festival, Iva Depot Day and Friends at Broadway Lake events this year.

·         Adopt-A-Spot packets were sent out this week to our current active groups and we are working to increase the number of groups to help clean up litter in Anderson County.

·         Prepared the annual ReTrac Survey letter from SCDHEC to mail out to 1700 letters to commercial, industrial and packaging companies this week. The recycling participation rate goal is 40% which is set by SCDHEC.

·         Preparing the Full-Cost Disclosure report for SCDHEC. The report is due by October 15, 2015.

·         Working on the ram of one of the compactors at the new Slabtown Convenience Center. The ram needed guide rail refurbished on the compactor. We had moved the compactor from the old site.

·         We have 3 inmates for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center. We appreciate the Detention Center’s efforts in providing us with the inmates.


·         Three projects were issued cease and desist notices; Garvey Office Building, Midway Road

·         A cease and desist notice was issued to the Three Bridges subdivision in Powdersville due to failure to properly install and maintain stormwater controls.

·         Participated in a pre-submittal meeting with Duke Energy for another permit related to the Lee Steam Station conversion project.

·         A Major Modification for Project Upstate (Coca Cola) was approved to increase the disturbed area.

·         A new application was received for 3&20 Road Subdivision south of Easley.