Special meeting Monday to approve Pelzer annexation


Pelzer Town Council

By David Meade

Pelzer Town Council will hold a special called meeting at Pelzer Town Hall on Monday, July 20 at 6:30 p.m. for second reading on the Pelzer Annexation ordinance.

Under the 25 percent Annexation by Petition method used, the town was required to provide public notice and allow 30 days for public reaction. A public notice was published in the June 17 issue of The Journal.

Second reading on the ordinance can be held 30 days after publication of the election results and the annexation will be final unless five percent or more of the electors within the municipality present another petition for a second vote.

Pelzer Town Council held first reading, by title only, on the ordinance of annexation during a brief meeting on June 16. Second reading will be held Monday.

The area to be annexed included properties from SC Hwy. 20 at Saluda River southward along the river bank, turning westward along the northeastern boundary of properties at Brookview Circle and continuing along Courtney St. to SC Hwy. 20.

From Hwy. 20, the boundary then crosses two properties that border Williamston just beyond Roberts Blvd. until it intersects with Palmetto Road and Depot Road. The boundary follows Depot Road skirting West Pelzer town limits to the intersection of SC Hwy. 8 & SC Hwy. 20, then follows Hwy. 20 to the Saluda River bridge at Old River Road, turning northeast along the river to the originating point.

The area of incorporation for Pelzer could change if a ribbon annexation being pursued by The Town of Williamston is approved. A special called meeting is planned for Thursday, July 16 at 7:30 a.m. in Williamston for the town council to hold second reading on the ribbon annexation.

The ribbon annexation will cut the area being incorporated into Pelzer, (defined as the Pelzer voting precinct) almost in half. (See separate story)