Boat driver sentenced to one year


The Easley woman who was driving a boat that capsized on Lake Hartwell last August, resulting in the death of two children, was sentenced to one year behind bars and five years probation this week. Dawn Thompson, 53, was driving a 19 foot deck boat with seven adults and five children onboard, which capsized as it approached a dock after a day on the lake.

The boat capsized when, according to witnesses, several people on board stood and moved to the front of the boat.

The two fatalities included nine year old Christian Henderson, who was trapped underneath the overturned boat and five month old Timothy B. Dragoo, who was wearing a life jacket but slipped out. Dragoo was handed from adult to adult but slipped away at sometime. His body was recovered later that night.

All of the adults on board had been drinking throughout the day but other factors contributed to the accident. Alcohol was a contributing factor but was not the biggest factor according to Assistant Solicitor Lauren Price.

The boat was rated for 1,870 pounds and was about 500 pounds over the limit according to Sgt. Ray Lewis of the South Caroolina Department of Natural Resources.