Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers made several drug related arrests in addition to investigating suspicious persons and flim flam incident.

July 27 – Two people were arrested for drug charges after a suspicious blue vehicle was observed in the parking lot of Autech at 400 Palmetto Rd., Williamston. Hector Luis Montes was found to be wanted on an outstanding warrant in Oconee County. Upon investigation a red glass pipe and a lighter were found in his pocket. Also found in a Hello Kitty wallet in Shockley’s purse was a set of digital scales, two empty red baggies containing trace amounts of unknown substance, one baggie with a white brownish substance, one Batman decal and one neon yellow razor and white plastic straw.

The white/brown substance (.4 grams) field tested positive as methamphetamine. Montes stated all the items in the vehicle, including the Hello Kitty purse, were his. After conflicting statements both he and the female passenger, Danielle Necole Shockley, 27, 103 Middleton, Blvd., Williamston were arrested on drug charges. Both were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession. J. Sargent investigated.

July 26 – Kelsey Dannelle Green, 20, 11 Woodward St., Belton, was arrested for possession of marijuana and methamphetamine after a car was observed on West Main St., with one headlight working. According to reports, a small baggie containing a rock substance field tested positive as meth was found in the car and a small amount of a green leafy substance field tested positive for marijuana was found in her pocketbook. M. Crowe, Z. T. Parks investigated.

July 25 – Bryan Caleb Dunlap, 20, 208 Broad St,. Williamston was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia after a gold color Chevrolet was observed on Tripp St. traveling at a high rate of speed. The driver of the vehicle, James C. Sellers was issued a warning for the traffic violation, however Dunlap, a passenger in the vehicle, was arrested after officers observed a square piece of aluminum foil with burn marks on is in the middle of the front seats and a glass pipe was found under the passenger seat. The driver stated he didn’t know anything about the foil but saw the passenger place the bag with the pipe under the seat. R. Drennon investigated.

July 25 – Officers investigated a flim flam incident in which a 69 year old Williamston man was contacted by a Victor Davis in Huang China who advised the man that he needed to pay $220 through Western Union to avoid his Microsoft account from crashing. The victim also provided bank information and a password for his bank account. $234 was removed from his bank account. S. N. Robison investigated.

July 24 – Renee Marie Pittman, 55, 5 Crawford St., Williamston reported the back window of a 2004 Dodge Ram broken causing $150 in damage. According to reports, the vehicle was purchased by her daughter for a boyfriend who refused to return it after they broke up. The truck was left in the parking lot of Town Square Center. Pittman was advised it was a civil matter and would need to be filed with Anderson County. S. N. Robison investigated.

July 23 – Faye Lawrence Dean, Sr., 78, 119 Gray Dr., Williamston reported a large dent in a post between two garage doors at the residence. Dean reported he had seen several people turn around in the short drive way and thinks that is what happened. Damage was estimated at $1000. G. Cremer investigated.

July 23 – Donovan Shayne Trueland, 23, 602 Williams St,. Williamston was arrested for public disorderly conduct after officers were dispatched to the residence in reference to a loud noise complaint. Upon investigation it was determined that several people at the residence were shooting fireworks, stating they did not know it was illegal in the city limits. Trueland was arrested after becoming loud and boisterous while in his neighbors yard. J. T. Hunt investigated.

July 19 – Michael Bryan Hood, 33 McAlister Dr., Williamston reported a suspicious person sitting on his motorcycle at the residence. According to reports a person identified as Anita Bricker of Belton was transported by EMS.A home security system showed Bricker removing items from an open shed prior to officer arriving. The items were placed into a white vehicle by a black male with dread locks and a white female. On July 21, Hood told officers the black male had returned a tote full of items from the residents. No arrests have been made. S. N. Robison investigated.

July 21 – Sharon Lynn Shaw, 59, 16 E, 1St. Street, Williamston reported a deer camera that was mounted to the side of her residence, was stolen. The item was valued at $95. S. N. Robison investigated.

July 21 – Carmela C. Edmonds, 48, 12 E. First St., Williamston reported that Sharon Lynn Shaw chased her with a stick that had a knife taped to it. During the investigation, Shaw said Edmonds had threatened her and that they both had grabbed sticks while argueing. No arrest was made and no warrant issued due to lack of evidence. S. N. Robison investigated.