Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across the county:

Building and Codes

·         Phase I of our Substandard Housing Demolition Plan is ready to be submitted to Purchasing to put out for bids. This will include a total of 10 Structures including: 7 River Street, 15 River Street, 10 Q Street, 11 R Street, 115 S. Smythe Street, 200 Glenn Street, 1157 W. Franklin Street, 2104 Whitehall Road, 4024 Whitehall Road and 1008 Kings Road.

·         PERMITS SUBMITTED: 21 New Single-Family Dwelling and 5 Addition-Renovation; 8 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 13 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 4 Swimming Pools; 1 Demolition; 7 Commercial Including: E & I Engineering Expansion, Carmichael Latham Building 5 Addition, Electrical for Smith Farm Subdivision Entrance, Verizon Wireless Co-Locate, Storage Shed for AR Management, Electrical for 7 Eleven, Electrical for construction trailers for TTI

Roads & Bridges

·         Old River Road Bridge in Powdersville: received second bid estimate to install a fence on both ends to block foot and motorcycle traffic from crossing it.

·         Installed a missing name sign on Pickens Road in the Powdersville area.

·         Vegetation crew spent the week cleaning up trees the storm downed Saturday night; currently seeking local contractors to help us remove dead trees that would be our normal work order.

·         Completed first review of new subdivision on Three & Twenty Road for Upcountry Construction.

·         Completed a conceptual plan for relocating James Road intersection with Powdersville Road. 

·         Full-depth patching contractor was only available to patch Friday of this week due to scheduling conflict.

·         Staff participated in preconstruction meeting with SCDOT on I-85 and Exit 21 off ramp for realignment of the Northside off ramp intersection of Hwy 187, making sure there is no conflict with our lighting facility.

·         Staff participated in on site utility meeting for Project Machine.

Solid Waste

·         Shred Day on August 22, 2015 at The Civic Center of Anderson which is located at 3207 Martin Luther King Blvd. Residents will be limited to 5 boxes or bags of shredding material. There will be 2 shred trucks at the event due to a large turnout at our last event. The event will be from 10:00am until 1:00pm. 

·         Environmental Enforcement is continuing to work on property located at Belton Highway/Shirley Store Rd. for an open storage issue. A 30 day clean up order was issued on July 9, 2015. Property will need to be cleaned up by August 9, 2015.

·         Environmental Enforcement is continuing to work on property located on South Main St. Extension. A 30 day clean-up order was issued on June 16, 2015. The property should be cleaned up by July 16, 2015.  Clean-up order was moved back due to officer being on vacation.

·         Environmental Enforcement is continuing to work on cleaning up a property on Jimmy Lane. A 30 day clean-up order was issued on June 24, 2015. Property had been cleaned up as requested.

·         Environmental Enforcement continues to work on cleaning up property off of Berry Lane which was determined as Corning St. A 15 day clean-up order was issued on 7/1/15. Clean-up order moved back due to officer being on vacation.  


·         The reviews for Roberts Cemetery Mausoleum, W.S. Lee Steam Station, and Oakview Assisted Living Facility were completed and NPDES permit applications made to DHEC.

·         The approval was issued and the pre-construction conference conducted for Piedmont Business Park Building #5 Expansion. This project is off of Hwy 86 near the I-85 exchange.

·         The initial reviews were completed for Osborne Poultry Farm and 3&20 Road Subdivision.

·         The cease and desist notice was lifted for the Garvey Office project across Hwy 81 from North Pointe Elementary.


·         ROW crew cut the Beaver Dam sewer line from Old Williamston Road to Cox Road and will start cutting the Cobbs Glenn sewer ROW this week.

·         Performed 2 residential sewer tap inspections: Lot 16 Rivendell and lot 2 Winding Stream.

·         Observed deflection and air testing of the new 8 inch sewer in the Three Bridges subdivision. Grout work in the new manholes will be inspected next week.

·         Contractors discovered rock at the new sewer extension off McNeely road and HWY 153 in Powdersville. Blasting will be done to remove the rock before the 50 foot sewer line extension can be installed.