Charges filed in Waffle House robberies


Based on the results of an on-going investigation, Antoine Algernon Lewis, age 30 of Anderson, has been charged with the recent Waffle House robberies in Anderson County.

According to arrest warrants, Lewis robbed the Waffle House on Justice Lane on September 7, and again on September 21. He also robbed the Waffle House on Highway 81 North on September 15. During each incident, Lewis either presented a handgun or indicated to the victims that he had one in his possession and has, therefore, been charged with three counts of armed robbery.

Lewis was served with the warrants while incarcerated at the Anderson County Detention Center, where he is already being held for the armed robbery of the Denny’s Restaurant on Clemson Boulevard on September 20. He currently remains incarcerated at the detention center. His bond has been set at $165,000.

South Carolina State Law states that individuals convicted of armed robbery must be imprisoned for a mandatory minimum term of not less than ten years or more than thirty years, no part of which may be suspended or probation granted.

Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper said, “If Lewis is convicted on all four current charges, he is looking at a minimum of forty years behind bars. That’s a lot of time to think about his theft of only a few hundred dollars.”