Gatewood entrance erosion gets worse


Williamston Mayor Mack Durham along with town and county officials continue to monitor the Gatewood subdivision entrancway in Williamston for continued erosion. The volumn of water in Big Creek resulting from recent rains is contributing to the problem of erosion on the upper side of the roadway overpass.


Two large holes were expanding mid-day Sunday as high water backed up and eventually flowed through two damaged pipes that form the base of the entrance overpass.

 The roadway was officially closed by Williamston officials on Friday and a detour was established for residents on the temporary roadway recently constucted on Williams Street.





Gatewood entrance closed in anticipation of heavy rains – Temporary entrance opens

Update Monday, Oct. 5 –

Williamston Mayor Mack Durham issued the following update on the Gateway Subdivision situation:

The temporary roadway has had some repair work done to help morning traffic. More work will be done in the morning as soon as the quarry opens. Michael Gilreath with Earth Materials came out tonight and did a great job to make sure our bus traffic would be safe in the morning. Jeff Hildebrand with CoTransCo has been out to inspect the entrance and the temporary roadway today. CoTransCo in coordination with Earth Materials have done all work today. Thanks also to our Police Department and David Rogers for monitoring reports and cooperative preparedness before and during this weather event.The original entrance has continued to degrade throughout the day. It will be assessed along with other damage sustained during this flooding event in our Town. All damage will be reported through the proper channels for application for FEMA relief funds. CoTransCo will continue to be in charge of these roadways and their inspection and repair until the project is completed.


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