Around the County . . .


Anderson Couty Public Works Department reported the following projects for the week of Sept. 30, 2015:

Building and Codes

·         10 Structures that were targeted for our 2015-2016 Substandard Housing Demolition Plan has been awarded to Moats Construction and will begin on October 1st, 2015. This includes; 1008 Kings Road, 7 River Street, 10 Q Street, 11 R Street, 15 River Street, 113 Glenn Street, 115 S. Smythe Street, 1157 W. Franklin Street, 2104 Whitehall Road and 4024 Whitehall Road. Thanks to County Council, we continue to make progress in addressing these blighted properties.

·         DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: 2 Pole Signs for Family Dollar on 29 North, New Spring Church in Powdersville, 7 Eleven Interior Up-Fit located on Hwy 29 North, 7 Eleven Interior Up-Fit located in Pelzer and various resubmittals

Development Standards

·         UPCOMING Meetings:

§  Staff prepared the legal advertisements for the follow upcoming Citizens Advisory Committee for District 1, 4 & 7 for October 7th

§  Special Exception for a guest house located on Stringer Road in Belton (2nd Scheduled Meeting, no quorum present) District 7

§  Variance Application request to construct a single-family residential home on Lot#16 in Welborn Acres) Thomas Welborn Road, Anderson(District 4)

§  The Committee’s Recommendations will be forwarded to the Land Use Board of Zoning Appeals at their October 8, 2015 Meeting.

§  New Residential Subdivision, consisting of 99 lots called Rivermill located on River Road in Piedmont. Planning Commission will review the application at their October 13th Meeting.


§  New Spring Church Powdersville Campus.

§  Philbecks Sales Office and Car lot located at 139 Highway 183, Piedmont

§  AT & T Cellular Tower Addition located on Due West Hwy.-Honea Path.

§  AT & T Cellular Tower Addition located at AM Ellison Road in Williamston.


§  Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel and New Restaurant located on Kalyn’s Way in Powdersville.

§  Proposed New Ingles Supermarket located on Highway 81 in Powdersville. Plans are in the early stage. Developer is proposing to demolish old grocery store and rebuild new grocery store.

§  Three Bridges Subdivision Amenity (Clubhouse Pool) located on Three Bridges Road.


§  Hembree Station release of cash bond. Roads were accepted into the county maintenance system by resolution.

§  Three Bridges Subdivision release of cash bond for Phase I approved by the Planning Commission.

§  Hunt Meadows Subdivision (FINAL PLAT for 44 lots) located on Hunt Road, Easley.

§  Received $125,231 Letter of Credit for Hunt Meadows Subdivision.

§  Airy Springs and Pheasant Ridge Subdivision (BONDS ARE DUE in OCT & NOV).

§  Topsail Bay Subdivision.

Roads & Bridges

·         Long Road Bridge Project: Guard rail was installed; touch-up work completed on the slopes and shoulders; everything was fertilized, limed and mulched after a fill slope was built to access a sewer line right-of-way. Asphalt surface scheduled for next week along with the necessary striping. Target date to open the new bridge is October 5th.

·         Asphalt crew: resurfaced Independence Lane and Summer Lane in the Powerdsville area; also continued to install new asphalt aprons and repair potholes throughout the county. Asphalt crew also single treated Heritage Road with light weight stone and CRS-2P provided by F&R construction. Heritage Road was single-treated earlier this summer by the contractor, but a short section at the end was not included in the contract, so our in-house staff completed it so the entire roadway was protected.

·         Ditching crew replaced rusted metal pipes and re-ditched Independence and Summer Lane before the new surface was placed.

·         Bridge crew repaired the dam at Alliance Park; water was getting under the spillway structure and making its way through the stone base under the earthen dam.

·         2014-2015 FDP/ST contractor finished full depth patching, paving, single treating and fog sealing at Hamlin Road. This completes all roads in the contract except Cann Road. Contractor will continue to stripe and place RMPs for the roads that are completed.

·         Finished the second review of Wild Meadows Subdivision plans.

Solid Waste

·         Shred Day Event on October 17, 2015 at the Belton-Honea Path High School which is located 11,000 Belton/Honea Path Highway. The event will be from 10:00am until 1:00pm. Residents will be limited to 5 boxes or bags of shredding material.

·         Staff will be setting up booths at the October 3rd Standpipe Festival, October 10th Iva Depot Days and October 24th Sugarfoot Festival to promote recycling and litter prevention.

·         Individuals broke into the Craytonville Convenience Center and the White Street Convenience Centers this week. The attendant’s water, food and blower were stolen at the Craytonville site. Trash bags were stolen at the White Street Convenience Center. The Sheriff’s Department was contacted to investigate. 

·         Environmental Enforcement was called out to Belton Highway/Shirley Store Rd. for an open storage issue. A 30 day clean up order was issued. Property was to be cleaned up by August 9, 2015. The resident was found guilty in court for not obeying the Clean-Up order. The resident’s fine was increased by the judge for not obeying the Clean-Up order to $500. The resident was issued another 30 Day Clean-Up Order on September 15, 2015. 

·         Working to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We currently have 32 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.


·         The assessments needed for the design of repairs to Broadway Dam were completed, and the spillway gates closed. Without rain it will likely take an extended period of time for the lake to return to its normal level.

·         A major modification approval was issued for the WS Lee Steam Station.


·         Performed sewer tap inspection at 157 Wild Hickory Circle, Powdersville and a commercial sewer line extension air test inspection for 500 McNeely Road Powdersville.