Williamston approves landscape ordinance


By Davi d Meade

During their meeting Monday, Williamston Town Council approved first reading on a landscaping ordinance and decided the town’s historic civil war cannon will no longer be allowed to be used or displayed outside the county.

Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said council, acting on a request by the Macbeth Light Artillery group, decided they want the cannon to be on display only in Anderson County. Durham said the cannon will be used locally to attract visitors and that council wanted it to stay in the area.

Durham said the group had taken very good care of the cannon but the town was looking at ways it “could be used to benefit the town the most.” Durham said he would like to see it on display at the Anderson County Museum.

The MacBeth Light Artillery reenactment group had plans to display the cannon at nine events between Sept. 19 and May 20. According to a letter of request, all of the events but one are in South Carolina. The reenactment group has cared for the cannon since they had it refurbished.

Council approved a landscaping ordinance that provides landscaping, buffering and screening requirements for property owners and residents of the town.

The requirements are intended to maintain and enhance property values, enhance the appearance of all developments, provide adequate buffers between different land uses, improve the character, appearance and climate of the town, improve heat and noise abatement and reduce erosion and stormwater runoff.

The requirements apply to proposed development plans for a subdivision, construction of a parking structure or vehicle use area and expansion, paving or repaving of parking lots.

Mayor Durham said the plan will balance the rights of businesses and individual property rights.

He said the town is implementing the guidelines for the “over all appeal of the community and a better quality of life.”

A lengthy executive session was held to discuss a contract issue on a paving project currently underway on Hill Street and Ellison Street behind the West Main Shopping Center.

According to Mayor Durham, the project involves fixing the streets and providing better drainage, however it is running over budget. CFund money for the project was obtained through the Anderson County Transportation Committee.

The executive session lasted well over an hour and a half and no official action was taken on the issue by council when they returned to regular session.

Mayor Durham said the council will be discussing the project soon, possibly in a special called meeting.First reading held on landscape ordinance