Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson Count Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Oct. 23 – J.K. Vickery responded to the WalMart at 14410 Anderson Rd. where he arrested Keri Hollingsworth, WF, 28, 5’4″, 130 pounds, red/blue, of Piedmont for shoplifting.

Oct. 23 – A.C. Guthrie responded to the WalMart where he arrested Thomas Harper, WM, 47, 6′, 190 pounds, of Simpsonville, for shoplifting, including a large screen HDTV.

Oct. 25 – A.F. Acevedos and J.R. Nubern responded to the WalMart where they arrested Daniel Crooms, WM, 32, of Spartanburg for changing the pricing bar codes on a bag of dog food, with the intention of returning the merchandise for a larger refund.


Oct. 24 – D.J. Petit was dispatched to 33 Square Street where Joseph Schaaf reported that someone had entered his vehicle and wedged a nail in the ignition, causing a fire in the vehicle. The fire was extinguished with a beverage that Schaaf had in hand. The damage was estimated at $3500.

Oct. 25 – A.C. Guthrie responded to 1055 Easley Hwy. to the SkipBuster business location, where Carol Ducket reported the theft of a car from the lot. The gate was removed and a 2012 Dodge Avenger was missing. The car had been repossessed the day before. While Deputy Guthrie was at the site, Deputy M.D. Creamer was responding to a location at the intersection of Joe Black Road and Highway 8, where the car was found wrecked in a field there.

Oct. 25 – T.K. Cook responded to 113 Lucky Lane on a call, and was informed about a suspicious person in the woods nearby. He contacted William Moore, WM, 41, 6′, 170 pounds from Fountain Inn. Moore seemed to be in a manic state of mind, making incoherent statements and saying he was looking for his tent. He was placed in custody for public disorderly conduct.


Oct. 23 – J.M. Pelfrey responded to 2100 Hwy. 86 to a report of an unconscious man in a car. He made contact with Dexter Johnson, BM, 25, 5’5″, 150 pounds, of Anderson. He was sitting in his running car between two gas pumps, passed out, with his pants and underwear around his ankles. He was arrested and placed in custody. During the search at the jail, a bag of marijuana was found, and an additional charge was made.

Oct. 23 – D.A. Hammond responded to the Ingle’s Supermarket at 10903 Anderson Rd. where store manager Donald Davis reported that a black female, 43-47years old, 5’7″, 250 pounds had shoplifted approximately $75 worth of merchandise, and had dropped an additional $61 worth of meat as she attempted to leave the store. She fled in a white VW Passat with SC tag # KTK 986.

Oct. 25 – S.S. Barnes responded to the Super 8 Motel at 3104 Hwy. 153, where Martin Carcamo reported the theft of two silver and black stepsides for a pickup truck, which he had tied in the bed of the truck for delivery to a friend, had been stolen. The loss was estimated at $400.


Oct. 23 – J.M. Pelfrey responded to 206 Paula Dr. where Lynn Welborn told him there was a man in the area who had threatened to kill her husband with a knife. Pelfrey located Danny Smith, WM, 46, 5’11″, 200 pounds, of Martin Court in the adjacent yard, acting erratically. Smith approached him with his hands concealed and refusing to show them. He was eventually tasered and cuffed. According to reports, Roger Welborn said Smith came tohis house and threatened Welborn with the knife, which was found in the yard. Welborn got a pistol and told Smith to leave, which is when he wandered towards the house next door. Welborn pursued him to insure that no one got hurt, until the deputies arrived. Several witnesses told the same account of the event. Smith was also found to be in possession of marijuana and was transported to ACDC.

Oct. 24 – J.M. Pelfrey was dispatched to 244 Ellison Lake Rd. where Joel Deweese, the real estate agent managing the HUD home at that location, reported that an air conditioning unit had been stolen from the site. The loss was estimated at $3000.

Oct. 25 – M.W. Hunnicutt responded to 145 Croxton Rd. where Kimberly Poore stated that three white males had entered the vehicle of a friend of her son. The subjects fled in a red or burnt orange Toyota truck.

Oct. 25 – S.S. Barnes responded to 130 Rolling Creek Trail where Stanley Watts reported that someone entered three vehicles parked at his home removing various items , including a Taurus .380 pistol. The total loss was estimated at $1040.

Oct. 25 – A series of vehicle break-ins occurred in the vicinity of Welcome and Midway Roads, with a total of four vehicles being pilfered. Deputy J.M.Pelfrey investigated two cases, one at 1220 Welcome Rd., where Leland Hollingsworth, Jr. reported nothing missing from his vehicle, which had been ransacked; and another case nearby at 1215 Welcome Rd. where Kelly Johnson also reported that someone had entered his unsecured vehicles, but had apparently taken nothing.

Sgt. J. Bowland also responded to two such incidents, one at 1214 Welcome Rd., where Teresa Clardy reported that someone had entered her car and stolen a GPS and some sunglasses. The loss was set at $124. The other case occurred at 5727 Midway Rd. where William Cannon reported that someone had entered his unsecured truck and stolen a toolbox and some $60 worth of tools.