District One 11th graders above average on ACT


Anderson School District One eleventh graders beat the state and national average in every subject for the ACT, an assessment that measures readiness for college. The high school scores placed the district in the top five percent of the state in reading, English, math and science. This was the first time all students took the college entrance exam.

District One 11th graders placed 4th in the state in English; 5th in the state in reading and science and 7th in the state in math.

Eighteen percent of students who completed ACT can qualify for Life Scholarships

Anderson One Students in grades three to eight beat the state and national average on most every subject on the new state assessment which was administered last spring.

The state adopted the new assessment that gauges student progress as they move through the elementary and middle school grades.

Reading, English, Mathematics, Science and Writing assessments were given. The assessment included selected response items as well as constructed response items and a timed writing assessment.

Students in Anderson One scored in the top ten percent in math, reading and English on the first attempt at a more rigorous standardized test loosely aligned to the SC state standards.

Superintendent David Havird said, “Our teacher’s challenge is to always prepare our students for a rewarding future. Appropriately, our students performed well on this rigorous standards based assessment which monitors progress towards college and career readiness for grades 3 – 8. Furthermore, this test can be helpful in identifying gaps in student learning early so our talented staff can assist and support students as they prepare for their future.”

Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, said, “We are pleased with our district scores on the first administration of the Aspire test. The students in Anderson One responded well to the challenge of a more rigorous test and particularly a timed writing test. Our teachers do an outstanding job teaching students and preparing them for the next grade level. Our community and parents have high expectations for our district and the students always come through.”

The spring results were broken into four categories, from highest to lowest: “exceeding,” “ready,” “close” and “in need of support.”District One 11th graders above average on ACT