West Pelzer election to decide mayor


West Pelzer voters will choose between Blake Sanders and Jimmy Jeanes when they vote Tuesday (Nov. 3)on who will get the mayor’s seat, which current Mayor Peggy Paxton chose not to seek again.

Jeanes will retain his Council seat if his mayoral run is unsuccessful, while Sanders will be out of office. However, if Jeanes is successful, a special election will have to be held to fill his Council seat.

Sanders says he believes the town is looking for new leadership and that planning is essential. He said if elected he wants to see consistency in the town’s budget and get back to a full time police department. He wants to have good relationships with neighboring towns.

Sanders also said he wants to better promote the town and encourage businesses. He also said he would like to delegate town responsibilites to members of council.

Jimmy Jeanes, presently serving his second term as a councilman in West Pelzer said a balanced budget and continuing infrastructure improvements are two of his primary goals, along with bringing business and industry to the area.

Jeanes said that the town’s finances have been a primary concern for him and he wants West Pelzer to have a balanced budget. “I want to get the town where it should be for a small town,” he said.

He also said he eventually wants to have a fully staffed police department bu tht funding has to be there.

Jeanes also said he wants to see community pride and cooperation and welcomes the opportunity to work with mayor and council from surrounding towns.

Voters already know who two Council members will be, since there was no challenge to the candidates who filed.

Incumbent Donnie Jeanes, who is serving an interim term for the seat vacated by Robert Alexander, will retain that seat and serve his own full term. Jim Riddle will fill the seat currently held by Blake Sanders, since Riddle was also the sole candidate for that seat.

State election law allows the appropriate election commission, in this case the Anderson County Election Commission, to deem those candidates to be elected.

Jimmy Jeanes interview
Blake Sanders interview