Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

Oct. 20 – Michelle Lynn Bruce, 4 Dianne Ave., Pelzer reported $420 stolen from a purse while she was working at Hardees, 1520 Anderson Dr. According to reports Bruce placed her purse, containing $480 in cash, in the office upon getting to work. When she checked her purse later in the day, there was only $60. Another employee admitted taking the money. The incident was to be presented to a judge for review for a warrant. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.

Oct. 20 – Sonya Crandall, 100 Magnolia Way, Clemson reported a hit and run in which her 2004 Lexus was struck by an unknown vehicle while at 12 West Main Street, Williamston. Damage was estimated at $1,100. Z. T. Parks investigated.

Oct. 21 – Autum Steele Coulter, 33, #3 Waterthrush Way, Simpsonville reported her name and social security number used on an account with Charter Communications. The bill, for $572, was for 803 Tripp St., Williamston. The victim stated she never lived there and had not authorized her name or social to be used. The incident is under investigation. G. Cremer investigated.

Oct. 22 – Officers observed a silver VW Beetle traveling at a high rate of speed on Gossett Drive and then disregard a stop sign at Gossett Drive and Academy St. intersection. The vehicle stopped on Harper Street and a white male jumped out of the drivers seat and began walking away. Upon investigation the man stated he was shot in the arm while driving on Mahaffey St., near the bridge.

According to the incident report, Phillip Hollis Sherman, 32, 1307 S. Academy St,. Williamston stated he was on Mahaffey St. when someone began shooting at him. EMS was contacted and Sherman was transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Upon additional investigation, a Taurus PT378 .380 handgun and a magazine was found in the roadway nearby. The firearm was confirmed to be stolen from Edgefield County. The case was turned over the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office for furthur investigation. S. N. Robison investigated.

Oct. 22 – Denardis Jamont Kilgo, 35, 64 Lot 7 S Fairfield Rd., Greenville was arrested for shoplifting at Dollar General 528 West Main St. after officers were dispatched to the store. According to reports he was trying to return items that he had taken from the store without paying earlier in the day. He was arrested and transported to ACDC without incident. R. Drennon investigated.

Oct. 24 – Bruce Kenneth Hyatt, Jr., 31, 16 E. First St., Williamston reported a brake line cut on a car at the residence. The incident was to be presented to the city judge. J. T. Hunt investigated.

Oct. 25 – Thomas Leo Price, 44, 6 Crescent Dr., Williamston was arrested for outstanding bench warrant for shoplifting after Belton PD notified Williamston PD that he was in custody. Belton PD also had charges. Price was takenm to ACDC by Belton Police. Sgt. K. J. Winn, K. S. Looney investigated.

Oct. 26 – David Rogers, Town of Williamston reported a lock cut off of a water line at 810 Tripp St. which had service cut off. According to reports, the lock was valued at $60 and water used amounted to $146.56. R. Drennon investigated.