County Council approves rezoning Belton property


By Stan Welch

The Anderson County Council concerned itself primarily with economic development issues and zoning requests Tuesday night. One such request for rezoning caused a bit of confusion among the members. The request came from a citizen in the Belton area who was seeking to rezone approximately three acres located at 10000 Belton Honea Path Highway 76 from industrial to residential agriculture. The property includes several homes, and the sale of one of them was recently complicated by the land’s zoning status.

The ordinance was brought to the floor by Councilman Mitchell Cole, whose district the property lies in. Councilwoman Cindy Wilson seconded the motion, which would essentially have denied the rezoning. But as the discussion proceeded, it gradually became clear that the citizen advisory board, which serves as the point man on such matters, had, in fact unanimously recommended approval of the request.

Ms. Wilson asked to withdraw her second of the motion once she realized that the board had recommended approval. Councilman Cole followed suit by withdrawing his motion and making a second motion to approve the request. That motion passed unanimously.

The Council also voted unanimously to authorize the County Registration and Elections Board to conduct the municipal elections held in odd numbered years for the town of Belton. West Pelzer, and Pelzer also operate under a similar agreement.

Other ordinances receiving second reading approval included the enlargement of the joint industrial and business park to allow for the inclusion of Project Rampart. Two ordinances also received second approval of amended fee in lieu of taxes and special source revenue agreements currently in place with Watson engineering, Inc., which is located in the Piedmont industrial area.