Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway during the first week of December:


Week of Dec. 23


§  Application request for a reduction of side yard setbacks from 36’ to 20’ for an existing barn located on Alpen Road in Easley.(Vote of 4 to 0 to approve request)

§  Application request for a reduction of rear yard setbacks from 20’ to 2’ the item was tabled pending staff to review a possible lot combination.(Vote of 4 to 0 to table request)

§  Application request for an appeal of the interpretation of Roads and Bridges Department regarding piping underneath the roadway for Wild Meadows Subdivision.(The Board upheld Anderson County’s position by a vote of 4 to 0)


§  Euwe Wexler US located on Alliance Parkway, Anderson (Third Submittal)

§  Quik Trip Highway 86

§  Crescent High School Expansion(Third Submittal)

§  Electric City Animal Hospital located on Charley Drive, Anderson

§  Wren Fire Department located on Highway 86(old building is close to demolition)

§  Family Dollar US 29 & Amity Road-SCDOT acceptance of permitted work

§  Patel New Family Style Restaurant (Steak House) located on Kalyn’s Way, Powdersville.

§  Rivendell/Buckland, a Planned Development, lots 50 & 56,

§  Rivendell/Buckland, a Planned Development, lot 22 Final Approval Granted


§  Euwe Wexler US located on Alliance Parkway, Anderson

§  Patel Hotel & Restaurant-Family Style Restaurant (Steak House) located on Kalyn’s Way, Powdersville


§  Avendell Subdivision Developer in the process of making infrastructure improvements on Coppermine Drive to secure permits for 21 new lots

§  Carriage Run

§  Race Track Subdivision


§  Illegal signage on Belton Highway & Amity Road

Roads & Bridges

·         Three guys from the asphalt crew worked over the weekend sealing cracks in the asphalt in Wilson Place Subdivision, in the Piedmont area.

·         Grading crew worked on Blake Dairy Road Project back filling the box culvert; progress is slow due to wet conditions, but our crew is taking advantage of every dry moment.

·         Grading crew sent a few guys to the Airport to clear, grub, and seed an area to help control overgrown vegetation.

·         Bridge crew installed a utility pole at the old Bells Building for a future utility to be installed once the building is demoed. Bridge crew also continued to build re-bar cages for the Firetower Road Bridge Project, targeted to start in January.

·         Ditching crew removed a dam from a pond on Holiday Dam Road in the Pelzer area; dam was damaged and causing problems with the road bed in that area.

·         Vegetation crew continued to boom and trim back vegetation in all seven areas throughout the county.

·         Asphalt crew continued to patch potholes and install new driveway aprons as asphalt was available.

·         Proof rolled subgrade and stone base for Powdersville Town Center Subdivision.

·         Staff met with representatives from FEMA and Army Corp of Engineers to perform damage assessment for the two drainage structures which failed during the October 4th storm event.

·         No after-hours call-outs were received this week.

Solid Waste

·         Removed 27 illegal signs from the intersection of Highway 178 and Highway 88 due to no permit and they were in the right of way.

·         Individuals made an attempt to break into the Craytonville Convenience Center on December 7, 2015. A resident spotted them and contacted the Sheriff’s Department.

·         Staff continues to work to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We currently have 42 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.

·         Awarded a $500 Visa Gift Card to Concrete Primary in Anderson School District 1 and Belton Elementary in Anderson School District 2 for their winning Recycle Your Selfie submission. We appreciate Pratt Industries for sponsoring the Visa Gift Cards during the Recycle Your Selfie program.

·         Working with DHEC to complete information newspaper ads, regarding recycling oil and tires in Anderson County.

·         Repaired hydraulic pump and hydraulic hoses at the Slabtown and King David Convenience Centers. They also repaired the steps to the overflow containers at the White Street Convenience Center.

·         November Stats:

o   374.41 Recyclable tons, 18.55 E-Waste tons, 64.7 Tire tonnage and 513 Gallons Waste Oil.

o   Anderson Regional Landfill: 5285.07 tons of municipal Solid Waste at a cost of $156,015.27.

o   Hauling contractor hauled 460 containers from Convenience Centers at a cost of

·         Environmental Enforcement Stats: 140 Calls, 34 Warnings, 2 Assisting Another Agency, 13 Clean-Up Orders, 1 Clean-Up Order Citations, 1 Unlawful Dumping, 3 Litter Citations, 2 Uncovered Loads, and 2 State Citations. Total Fines requested $3,685.00.


·         An inspection at E&I Engineering determined that the deficiencies previously noted had been corrected and the site was in compliance. The cease and desist notice issued several weeks ago was lifted.

·         A new submission for an expansion at Orian Rugs off of Hwy 81 N was received.


·         Reviewed submittal for new sewer line to serve new FFA Arena at Crescent High School.

·         Completed November 2015 lab data and calculations spreadsheet to be used for preparing discharge monitoring report for submittal to SCDHEC.

·         Last calendar week (Nov 29 – Dec 5) received 148 locate tickets from SC811, of these, 5 were emergency locates.  Each has been entered into Cartegraph as a task, located, completed, and closed on the SC811 website.

·         Requested information from SCDHEC regarding the toxicity consent order, as to when we can or should we close the consent order out and what will need to be provided at the time.  Awaiting a response.

·         We opened 6 manholes that had become sealed shut over time around the TTI Project. This was done for a surveying crew working in the area.

·         Pump station crew repaired the driveway at Hwy 86 #1 that had washed out during the rain.