Williamston Pastor serving as state Evangelical Coalition leader


For Dr. Ben Carson

By David Meade

Local pastor and Williamston resident Mark Wall is serving as the South Carolina Evangelical Coalition Leader for Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Wall said he was surprised and is still in shock that he was selected by the Carson campaign to head the coalition of ministers and to work with Dr. Carson in the state.

He was serving as the co-pastor at Re-Generation Church of Jesus Christ in Anderson when an unlikely thing happened recently. “The Lord dealt with me about giong back into evangelism and I said yes. Twenty-four hours later I had a call from the Ben Carson campaign asking if I wanted to be on the Carson campaign Evangelical Coalition.”

The next Saturday, Wall attended a meeting in Columbia and was introduced to Dr. Carson as the Chairman of the Evangelical Coalition for the State.

Since then he has been with Dr. Carson at pastors round tables across South Carolina and will be at four upcoming Faith Town Hall meetings planned in February.

The town hall meetings will not be just for pastors, Wall said, but for anybody who would like to attend.

Faith Town Hall meetings are planned in York County, Greenville County, Orangeburg and Florence.

Walls will also be attending three upcoming church meetings in the state with Dr. Carson.

“The Evangelical Coalition is comprised of pastors who are concerned about the direction our nation is taking,” Wall said. “It is ministers willing to intercede for our nation concerning spiritual matters.”

Wall said the coalition is also about “ministers encouraging Christians to participate in the upcoming election and to seek God’s face on who the person should be that is leading our nation.”

Wall recently participated in a national conference call that was held with ministors across the US with prayer for the nation and Dr. Carson.

As leader of the Evangelical Coalition in SC, Wall is working with Dr. Carson “to get back to our Judeo-Christian principles,” he said.

Wall said that when Dr. Carson is meeting with pastors in the state, he opens and closes the meetings with prayer and introduces Dr. Carson.

Wall will be at the Republican Presidential Debate with Dr. Carson this Thursday in Charleston and at most of his appearances across the state.

Wall is available to speak to locally. Anyone who would like to have Wall as a speaker, and possibly Dr. Carson, can contact him by email at mark.wall@carsonhq.com or call 864-609-4243 or 803-348-6788.