Drugs, cold contributed to Williamston man’s death


A combination of drugs and hypothermia are believed to have caused the death of Williamston man early Saturday according to the Anderson County Deputy Coroner Charlie Boseman. Timothy Mahaffey, 59, was found next to his car in the driveway where he lived on Durham Drive around 8 a.m. Saturday. According to Boseman, Mahaffey was found approximately eight hours after family members said they heard his car pull in and stop late Friday night.

Methamphetamines, opium, marijuana and antidepressants were found in the Mahaffey’s system, the coroner said. “He had a history of substance abuse,” Boseman said. “It seems like he probably just collapsed after he got out of his car. Family members heard his car come home, but no one checked on him after that. Then, they found him this morning, and of course he had been out in the cold for several hours. We believe this is a combination of polydrug toxicity and the cold contributing to his death.” Boseman said Mahaffey’s death has been ruled an accident.