Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Due to the way Anderson County Sheriff’s Office makes incident reports available, only incidents reported over the weekend are included in this report. Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Feb. 13 – J.K. Vickery was dispatched to 311 Stone Briar Lane where Patrick Topper, Jr. reported the theft of his 1994 white Toyota pickup truck. It had a chrome rollbar, lift kit, and large mud tires. The loss was estimated at $7000.

Feb. 13 – J.M. Pelfrey responded to 100 Deer Creek Rd. where Matthew Greene reported the entry into four vehicles at his home, and the theft of computer parts, tools, and electronics valued at $900.

Feb. 14 – J.M. Pelfrey was dispatched to 209 Sitton Rd. where Zachary Bolt reported the theft of a set of bolt cutters from his truck. The loss was estimated at $30.

Feb. 14 – J.M. Culbertson responded to 104 Caledonia Dr. where he contacted Craig Tenio, WM, 36, 5’8″, 155 pounds who reported that he had been in an altercation with Edwin Restrepo, WM, 39, (description withheld by the ACSO),earlier in Greenville County. When informed any charges would have to be filed in that county, Tenio decided to stay at the residence until things settled down and they sobered up. Approximately an hour later, Culbertson and A.F. Acevedos returned to the scene, where Edwin Restrepo was found with a bloody face. Tenio admitted to kicking him in the face after the altercation escalated. EMS responded and Tenio was arrested for assault and battery and transported to ACDC.


Feb. 15 – K. Evatt was dispatched to 319 Club Rd. where he met Mike Cox, of Mike Cox Builders, who reported the theft of a 2 ton Goodman heat pump from the construction site. The loss was estimated at $3000.


Feb 13 – J.M. Pelfrey responded to 321 Santee Dr. where David Gwinn,Jr. Reported the theft of a leak detector valued at $300 from his truck’s toolbox.

Feb. 14 – K.D. Watt received a telephone complaint at ACSO headquarters from Philip Canty of 218 Wadmalaw Dr. who stated that someone had stolen from his truck two ladders, valued at $515.

Feb. 14 – A.F. Acevedos responded to Exit 35 at Hwy 86 where Shaun Qualls reported that while his Jeep Wrngler was at that location due to mechanical trouble, someone stole the battery, a CD player and his golf clubs. The loss was set at $740.

Feb. 14 – J.M. Culbertson responded to the SavALot store at 910 Anderson St. in response to a report of a suspicious person. He contacted Joshua Ross,WM, 34, 5’9″, 170 pounds, wearing a ski mask and standing next to a postal vehicle, which he claimed his dad had bought for him. He had three knives on his person, and admitted to drinking and taking Xanax. He was arrested for public disorderly conduct and transported to ACDC.


Feb. 12 – A.F. Acevedos responded to 1401 Welcome Rd. where Mark Nickleach reported that someone had entered his garage and stolen several items. No value was laced on the loss.

Feb. 14 – K.D. Watt received a telephone report from Trevor Duncan of 134 Foster Rd., who stated that someone had stolen his blue enclosed work trailer, with a variety of tools as well as several ladders. The loss was estimated at $10,000.