Deadline nears for absentee voting


For Senate District 4 Primary

In-house absentee voting for the Senate District 4 Republican Primary will begin on Tuesday, February 23. Voters in the Senate District 4, who qualify, and need to cast an absentee ballot for the Republican Primary may do so during the hours of 8:30 until 5:00 p.m. weekdays. Any person wishing to vote in the Senate District 4 primaries and runoffs must be registered no later than Saturday, February 20. A special primary election will be held on March 22.

A Special Election to fill the seat was to be held on May 17, however since no Democrats signed up, the winner of the GOP primary on Mar. 22 will likely fill the unexpired term of the seat. If no candidate gets a majority of the primary votes, a runoff will be held on April 5. The seat will also come open to be voted on again in the general election in November.

The Board of Voter Registration and Elections Office is located at 301 North Main Street on the corner of Orr and Main, for questions call 864-260-4035. People are encouraged to visit to learn more about Absentee Voting process.