Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway around Anderson County:

Development Standards


§  Received Preliminary Flood Maps from FEMA that covers the Saluda River Basin and Flood Data Study for Jordan Creek.

§  Orian Rugs Expansion located on Highway 81N, Anderson.

§  Brushy Creek Townhome Development (36 units proposed 0 located on Old Pendleton Road and Brushy Creek Road, Easley.

§  Waffle House Parking Lot Improvements off of I-85.

§  Antique Retail Shop located at-Request to U-Haul office and sales located at 3809 Highway 81N, Anderson.

§  O’Reilly Automotive located on Highway 153 Powdersville site has development issues with SCDOT/requesting additional information.


§  River Reserve Phase IV Floodplain Development Final Approval for Lot #26.


·         An inspection of Project Machine found the site in substantial compliance with their stormwater plans. As a result the cease and desist notice was lifted.

·         A second review was completed for the Chambers Grading project.

·         DHEC issued a report template to be used to compile the information needed for the stormwater bi-annual report. The county’s stormwater program activities over the last 2 years must be reported to DHEC by April 1st.


·         Performed 1 commercial and 4 residential sewer tap inspections: Coca Cola building off Highway 86 in Piedmont, 2 in the Benton Park subdivision, 1 in Amberwood subdivision and 1 in Cravens Creek subdivision.

·         Met with contractor to locate sewer line at 107 Bree Drive in the Rivendell subdivision. This house is going to tap onto the main trunk line in the rear of the property. There was no tap for this lot and the line will have to be tapped with a saddle.

·         Discussed request from developer to phase proposed subdivision in Powdersville

·         Finalized permit for new hotel and restaurant in Powdersville

·         Reviewed pump draw down test results for pump stations in Powdersville

·         Finalized sewer service permit for New TTI facility

·         Reviewed sewer fees for proposed Economic Development project

·         The ROW crew finished up cutting in Powdersville last Thursday and moved to the HWY 187 and HWY 76 area. We finished this area on Tuesday, and found one manhole that had been hit, that we had to repair.

·         Downloaded data from 2 flow monitors in the Stonehaven Subdivision.

·         The ROW crew started inspecting sewer lines in the Stonehaven Subdivision with our CCTV camera.  The camera got stuck in a section of pipe that had been repaired when a liner was installed approximately ten years ago. We had to call in a contractor to remove the section of pipe in order to get the camera out. They repaired the pipe and sewer service was restored. This repair did require us to work after hours.

·         Cleaned 200 feet of sewer line in Stonehaven Subdivision that had some roots at a joint.  These roots were found while inspecting the lines with the camera and it appeared to be coming from a service line.

·         The ROW crew started cutting some of the Anderson property near Walgreens on Wednesday, and should be finished by weeks end.