West Pelzer assessing water main break


By Stan Welch

Residents of West Pelzer may have to endure a boil water order until as late as Thursday, according to Mayor Blake Sanders. The problems began Monday afternoon when a contractor running cable for AT&T broke the six inch main that provides water to the whole town. “We have Greenville Water and a couple of other contractors blowing out fire hydrants and flushing lines. Some of the tests we have to conduct can only be done once every twenty four hours, so we may have to continue to boil water until around noon Thursday. That’s a worse case scenario.”

The town lost enough water, some one hundred twenty four thousand gallons, to service the town for a day and a half. The first call of trouble came in to town hall at approximately a quarter till three. Service was restored at seven p.m.

“Our crews, along with assistance from Pelzer, did a fine job of getting the flow restored. We really appreciate Pelzer’s help, including the providing of some supplies that were needed. The two towns have always worked well together in emergencies, and this certainly qualified as one,” said Sanders.

“There is some important information on the town’s website about certain aspects of a boil water situation that people can access.”

“ We are compiling an itemized accounting of the costs inflicted by this incident, beginning with the approximately ten thousand dollars worth of water that was lost. We also have man hours, equipment costs, and other materials to add as well. When our accounting is complete, we will contact AT&T to discuss that matter.”