Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Due to the process being used by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, only two or three day “weekend” incident reports are currently being made available to The Journal. Numerous incidents reported or investigated throughout the week are being made available and are not included.

Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incident over the last two weekends:


March 4 – A.N. Killingsworth responded to 7307 Hwy. 81 North where Stephanie Madsen reported that someone she has been living with for eight months; but whose name and description were withheld by the ACSO in compliance with their accreditation protocols, but in violation of the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, had run her off the road with his truck. She fled to the driveway of the listed address and sought refuge with the resident. Meanwhile, the unidentified person allegedly slashed the tire on her vehicle. The homeowner in question, whose identity and description were also improperly withheld by the ACSO, confirmed Madsen’s version of the story. Killingsworth was unable to contact the unknown suspect, but was planning to present the case to a magistrate. Presumably, the suspect will be identified at that time.

March 4 – C.P. Huff responded to the area of Hwy. 153 and Three Bridges Rd., where he found Lewis Marcus, WM, 39, 5’9″, 200 pounds, in an intoxicated state inside his car. The complaining witness stated that he had been unconscious shortly before Huff arrived. Marcus was placed under arrest for public disorderly conduct and transported to ACDC.

March 5 – M.T. Grant was dispatched to Foothills Motorsports at 104 Halter Rd., where Jamie Willis reported that a man subsequently identified as Michael Hall, WM,34, 5’6″, 150 pounds,of Greenville had stolen a 2016 Polaris Razor ATV, and ridden it into the nearby woods, where he got it stuck in the mud,and fled in a truck he had parked there, with a trailer for the ATV. He was identified as having one glass eye. A worker at a business next door knew the suspect and identified him. He added that the man had lost his eye in prison, from which he had been recently released. Hall successfully escaped but the case was to be presented to a magistrate for warrants.

March 7 – S.S. Barnes responded to the Super 8 Motel on Hwy. 153, where Matthew Cooper reported the theft of a surveyor’s tripod and a safety vest from his truck. The loss was estimated at $1020.


March 4 – J.T. Smith responded to a call of an assault report at 106 Bigby St. Upon arrival, Kelvantrez Latrel, BM, 19, reported that he was walking down Woodcock Rd. with a female friend, name and description withheld by ACSO, when someone’s mother and another person, names and descriptions withheld by ACSO, pulled up in a car. Someone grabbed Latrel by the collar. Apparently, someone called someone and Latrel’s mother apparently left work to come and get him. From this point, the report becomes so redacted and garbled that no further useful information can be extracted to report.

March 5 – R.D. Phillips responded to 107 Hampton St. where Todd Johnson reported the theft of his son’s Huffy bicycle, valued at $100.

March 12 – K.M. Pride and A.F. Acevedos were dispatched to 510 Woodcock Rd. where Jennifer Lee reported that the windshield of her Ford F-150 pickup truck had been damaged by a beer can. The damage was estimated at $150.


March 6 – K. Evatt was dispatched to 1231 Old River Rd. where Ryan Howard reported the theft of some sunglasses and other items from his pickup truck. The loss was estimated at $155.

March 13 – T.K. Cook responded to the Hardee’s at 904 Anderson St., where Kyu Kim reported the theft of a GoPro camera from the interior of a racing car he was towing on a trailer. The loss was estimated at $400.


March 6 – A.L. Williams responded to 9 Diane Ave. in reference to a domestic dispute between Linda Chapman and her brother Clarence McClellion Jr. . During a subsequent search of McClellion’s person, several different pills listed as controlled substances were found. He was placed under arrest and transported to ACDC.

March 12 – B.C. Scroggs responded to 101 Lee Drive where Orlando Bortelo reported the theft of the license plate from his car SC tag # (KZY 328) and replaced with an out of date tag (SC # KHD 789). The loss was $25.

March 12 – K.S. Looney responded to 119 Carroll Rd. where Homer Johnson reported that someone had damaged the front and back doors at his rental property at that site. The damage was estimated at $140.

March 12 – K.S. Looney responded to a storage building at the Jockey Lot, where Matthew Richey reported the theft of a large number of novelty items, such as lighters, key chain razors, and collectible toy cars. Another unit adjacent had also been broken into. The total loss was set at $5640.

March 12 – K.S. Looney responded to 131 Miller Rd. where Miranda Beddingfield reported that someone had broken into her vehicle. Nothing was reported stolen.

March 13 – K.S. Looney was dispatched to the intersection of Welcome Rd. and Hwy. 29N where Alicia Rodriguez reported that someone had stolen one of the taillights off the 2007 Dodge Ram truck she had parked there in an attempt to sell it. The loss was set at $150.