County to have $9.2 million for road work


Anderson County has been allocated $9.2 million from the state funding for road work and/or repair to Anderson County roadways. Last week it was announced that the SC General Assembly had allocated funding from a large budget surplus to be returned to the counties for use in road paving. Anderson County received $7.5 million. Adding Anderson County Council’s allocation of C-funds for $1.5 million brought the total available for road improvements in the county to just over $9 million.

The funds will be overseen by the Anderson County Transportation Committee (ACTC) and will be used to repave and repair a list of projects over the next two years.

“The Anderson County Council expresses their appreciation to the Anderson County Legislative Delegation for ensuring that Anderson County received a portion of the State’s allotment for road improvements in the amount of $9.2 million allocated for road work and/or repair to Anderson County roadways,” said County Administrator Rusty Burns.

“The Anderson County Council conveys its gratitude to all those involved in bringing this much needed work to our community; the Anderson County Transportation Committee for their hard work in selecting the projects to be funded as well as the SCDOT for their assistance,” Burns added.

The Council also recognizes each municipality’s mayor and council for their work in selecting projects within their towns.

“The State’s funding along with the County Council’s allocation of C-funds for $1.5 million will take care of improving our county roads, and is the most money allocated for Anderson County paving in many, many years,” said Council Chairman Tommy Dunn. “Thank you, Anderson County staff for your efforts in getting these projects ready and the fine job you do every day,” said Dunn.

The road work is scheduled to begin immediately after the contract has been signed by the County and the low bidder.

Total mileage of roads in the county that will see improvements from the funding is 33.63 miles. Roads approved for work in the area include:

Council District 6 –

James Road from Old PelndletonRoad to Powdersville Road;
Cooper Lane from SC Hwy. 81 to Powdersville Main;
Smith Drive from Old River Road to Osteen hill Road;
Timms Road from Timms Road seg 1 to Old Williamston Road;
Wren Road from Hwy. 17 to Wren School Road;
Hurricane Creek Road from Durham Road to Shiloh Church Road

Council District 7 –

Ellison Lake Road from Beaverdam Road to Hwy. 29 North
Ellison Lake Road from Hwy. 29 North to Beaverdam Road
Murphy Road from Hwy. 247 to Bir Creek Road
Page Road from Copurtney St. Ext. to Tripp St.

Town of Pelzer

Square Street from Smith St., to Smythe St.

Town of West Pelzer –

Sylvie Lane from Welborn St. to Tasha Dr.
Stephanie from Main St. (SC Hwy. 8) to Bellview Circle
Welborn St. from Main St.(SC Hwy. 8) to 220’No of Sylvia Lane
Welborn St from Dianne to Dendy St.

Town of Williamston –

Broad St,. from Academy  to Gossett
Williams from Gossett to S. Hamilton
Mahaffey Rd. from S. Academy to Spring St. (town limits)
Gossett from W. Main to Williams

SCDOT Road list

River Road from SC hwy. 153 to S-1146
Old Anderson/River Rd. from S-81_ from SC Hwy. 81 to SC Hwy. 153
Shady Grove Rd., (S81) SC Hwy. 247 to Abbeville Co. Line
Sauer Farm?Earl Shirley to Due West Hwy. (SC 185)

(Town of Pendleton and Council Districts 1-5 are also receiving paving on specific projects)

Town of Pendleton – 0.30 E. Main St. (Lebanon) (S-29), Mechanic (SC-28), RR Tracks; 0.39 Broad (S-226), E. Queen, S. Mechanic; 0.27 Lebanon (S-29), Cherry St. (S-115), Westinghouse (S-1056) +500’ (joint); 0.27 Buchanan Cir. (S-307), Cherry St. (S-115). Total 1.23 Miles.

Town of Pelzer – 0.10 Square St. (S-782), Smith St. Smythe St. Total 0.10 Miles.

Town of West Pelzer – 0.11 Sylvia Lane (S.777), Welborn St., Tasha Dr; 0.13 Stephanie (S-455), Main St. (SC-8), Bellview Cir; 0.06 Welborn St. (S-779), Main St. (SC-8), 220’ N. of Sylvia Ln. (S-777); 0.10 Welborn St. (S-779), Dianne Dendy St. Total 0.40 Miles.

Town of Williamston – 0.34 Broad St. (S-503), Academy Gossett (S-301); 0.80 Williams (S576), Gossett (S-301), S. Hamilton; 0.45 Mahaffey Rd. (S-212), S. Academy Spring St. (town limits); 0.31 Gossett (S-301), W. Main, Williams (S-576). Total 1.90 miles.

Also on the list. Murphy Road from Hwy. 247 to Big Creek Road.

SCDOT Road list – 5.56 Sauer Farm/Earl Shirley (S-67) City Limits (New Asph.), Due West Hwy. (SC-185); 1.36 River Rd. (S-143), SC-153, S-1146; 2.17 Old Anderson/River Rd. (S-81) S-81, SC-153; 8.52 Shady Grove Rd. (SC-81) SC 247, Abbeville Co. Line. Total 17.61 Miles.

Grand Total Mileage – 33.64