Meals on Wheels seeking volunteers in Williamston area


Meals on Wheels-Anderson is seeking volunteers to drive meal delivery routes in the Williamston area. Specifically, the organization needs volunteers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday mornings. Volunteers who are willing to assist would meet a meal delivery person at Whitefield Baptist Church across from the Jockey Lot to collect the appropriate number of meals and then deliver them into the community.

“Meal delivery typically takes no more than two hours, and oftentimes even less, once a person becomes familiar with the route,” said Jeanie Campbell, Volunteer Service Coordinator for Meals on Wheels. “But what you will learn, once you start delivering meals, is that you are delivering so much more than just food. You are delivering care, concern, hope and kindness. You will be surprised at the reward you will personally receive from doing this service in the community.”

A volunteer may choose to help once a week, once a month or simply as a substitute to be called upon when a regular driver is out sick or on vacation. Typically the spring and summer months see a significant increase in volunteer needs as many “regular” volunteers do take vacations.

To learn more about volunteering, please call 864-225-6800 or email You may also visit