Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


May 20 – J.K. Vickery responded to 108 Shenandoah Court where Wallace Merck reported the burglary of a shed and trailer on his property, and the theft of various items valued at $1600. Merck also stated that he had ridden around the neighborhood and had spotted a clear plastic container of his that contained some of the stolen items. He said he saw the container in the driveway at 344 Shenandoah Court.

Vickery made contact with two people at that address, names and descriptions withheld by ACSO, and despite the container being openly visible to Vickery, they denied any knowledge of it. He detained one or both of them, and contacted Sgt. Bowland, who informed him that Investigator Brazier would not be responding to the scene at that time, but would send a forensics investigator to process the scene. The subject, or subjects, who were detained were released.

May 21 – J.K. Vickery was dispatched to 120 Tucker Rd. where he arrested Brian Henderson, WM, 25, 6’3″, 150 pounds, red/brn for malicious damage to personal property, due to his kicking the trunk of his girlfriend’s car, causing approximately $500 in damage.


May20 – M. McCarty responded to the Bi-Lo at330 Lebby St. where the pharmacist reported that someone, name and description withheld by ACSO, had presented a forged prescription for Percocet, a controlled substance.

May 20 – K.S. Looney responded to 301 Anderson St. where Stacey Glenn reported the theft of a television and her cell phone by an acquaintance of hers, name and description withheld by ACSO.


May 20 – A.J. Frederick and J.M. Pelfrey were dispatched to 148 Charles Dr. where Joshua Browning reported that he returned home to find that it had been burglarized. Three flat screen televisions, a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver, and a Henry .2 lever action rifle were stolen. The loss was estimated at $1600.

May 20 – J.M. Pelfrey responded to 9 Archie St. where Brian Henderson reported the burglary of his home, and the loss of clothing and other items estimated at $540.

May 22 – K.M. Pride responded to 16 Haynes St. in reference to a complaint from Rene Weeks, of 10 Bentwood Rd. She said that someone had stolen the wheels off of a silver Buick that she and her husband left parked at that address to deter thieves from entering the empty home. The loss was estimated at $500.


May 22 – E.K. Rochester responded to 337A Wesley Ellison Rd. where Elizabeth Rodriguez complained that her child’s father, name and description withheld by ACSO, had broken into her house and trashed the place.