Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects for week of June 8:

Building and Codes

·         Plan Review Staff Meetings: 1) Met with Bosch to review Building Code Compliance Issues for a new open shed type storage building for storage of various chemicals. Issues discussed included occupancy classification (S1 storage or Hazardous), sprinkler system requirements, etc. Plans to be submitted at a later date.

·         PERMITS SUBMITTED: 20 New Single-Family Dwellings and 3 Addition-Renovation; 5 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 3 Pools; 13 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 8 Commercial Including: Waves Express Wash, Picnic Shelter for Harpers Ridge Subdivision, Wendy’s Remodel, Re-Roof of Duke Sandwich, HVAC Replacement for Lakeside Shopping; 10 Mobile Home including: new homes, change of ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

Development Standards


§  Tri-County Dog Obedience Training School located at Acquillious Lane, Easley -Rivendell Buckland two (2) residential lots.

§  United Rentals of Anderson


§  Rivermill Subdivision


§  Rosehill collected $108,406 for subdivision bond for failure to complete infrastructure within six month time period -Oaks at Shiloh reviewing cost estimates with Engineering Department regarding posting new bond for next phase of development.

§  The Preserve @ Covered Bridge, a PD Planned Development; new layout will require Planning Commission and County Council approval.

§  Caledonia Subdivision, Phase III

§  Pennington Subdivision

§  Airy Springs


§  Heritage Apartments located off Highway 153(final inspection) -YMCA Powdersville (revision) $23,000 cash bond approved for infrastructure completion.

·         May Stats:

o   Land Use Permits, 150

o   Septic Tank Permits, 50

o   Individual Summary Plats, 41

o   Commercial Upfits, 5

Roads & Bridges

Grading crew made a temporary repair on Twin Lakes Road to a large sink hole (wash out) that formed in one lane of the road.     

·         Bridge crew received and set the bridge deck on Fire Tower Road Bridge Project; formed both back walls and poured them with concrete.                                                     

·         Ditching crew removed the old foundation at Kid Venture and completed some site work for the new playground equipment; worked at an old mill site in Pelzer removing old wooden pallets so DHEC could install monitoring wells; installed 60’ of 18″ concrete pipe at the new Craytonville Fire Department substation.

·         2015-2016 Road Improvement Contractor paved Murphy Road.

·         Completed the first review for Hanna Crossing Subdivision.

·         May Stats:

o   Work Requests:  373 new, 352 closed, 452 open

o   On Call:  8 call-outs for a total of 83 man-hours

o   Encroachments: 44/$5,482.20 (245/$53,743.90


·         Received new applications for New Horizon – Piercetown Electrical Substation at the intersection of Shackleburg Rd & Martin Rd.

·         Received resubmittal for King Poultry Farm.

·         Reviews were conducted for Industrial Warehouse Ser. and W. S. Lee Steam Station CCR Well Installation.

·         May Stats:

o   New Applications: 2

o   Resubmittals: 7

o   Reviews Completed: 7

o   Pre-Construction Meetings/Approvals: 3

o   Major Modifications Approved: 1

o   Permit Terminations: 1

·         Met with contractors at the Crescent High School project to observe installation of a new manhole that will replace a doghouse manhole that was taking on ground water.

·         Contractors are beginning construction on the new Pendleton High School sewer project. This project will consist of a pump station, force main, and gravity sewer to the Boscobel pump station.

·         We received the repaired pump back for Hwy 86 #3, and plan to install it on Thursday. 

·         The generator repair was approved at Hurricane Creek; we are currently waiting on the parts for repair.

·         We are preparing to do smoke testing in the Powdersville area on June 7 – 10.