Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

June 21 – Willie Jinnard White, 27, 158 Kathwood Dr., Greenwood was arrested for operating an uninsured vehicle and expired tag after a black Dodge Magnum was observed on Belton Drive with the appearance of no tag. It was determined the tag had a tinted cover but could not be read unless stopped. During the traffic stop the officer was advised by dispatch that the tag was expired. Cpl. . E. Mulz investigated.

June 22 – Officers investigated an animal complaint in which a dog with a damaged or broken chain was on someone’s property. The animal control officers responded and took possession of the dog. M. Roberts, C. Samuel investigated.

June 22 – Officers investigated an incident in which two unknown white females approached a customer at the Greenville Drive Washerette and asked if he had another $20 bill because the change machine would not take theirs. The victim gave them a $20 bill which was checked at the bank and determined to be counterfeit. One of the females was described as in her 20s and the other in her mid 30s. J. B. Sanders investigated.

June 22 – Jon Weston Pinyan, 17, 126 Stevenson Dr., Belton was issued two citations and a warning after officers responded to a traffic collision on S. Hamilton St. According to reports he had an incoming call on his cell phone and became distracted, causing him to strike a mail truck causing damage estimated at $6000. A mailbox at 604 S. Hamilton was also struck and destroyed causing $150 in damage. Pinyan was cited for failure to yield right of way, no vehicle registration in possession and issued a warning for no proof of insurance. M. Roberts, C. Samuel investigated.

June 23 – Joshua Dale Carter, 29, 165 Middleton Blvd. Williamston reported a basketball and net on a portable outdoor goal damaged. Damage was estimated at $26. C. Samuel investigated.

June 23 – Jordan Michael Smith, 25, 139 Tollison Rd., Pelzer reported a Lincoln Electric Welder valued at $550 missing from the Town of Williamston Maintenance Shop. M. Roberts investigated.

June 23 – Joni White Rutledge, 40, 13 Lander St., Williamston reported two bicycles stolen from her front porch. One of the bikes, a silver Mongoose valued at $15 was found in front of a local business. According to reports, the business owner stated that a white male and female brought the bike to the store attempting to sell it. The retailer refused the sale and the subjects left the bike parked in front of the store. A black Huffy cruiser with whitewall tires and fenders is still unaccounted for. It is valued at $149.99. C. Samuel investigated.

June 23 – Douglas E. Nelson, 73, 209 Briar Ridge Court, Williamston was issued a summons for driving too fast for conditions after the Chevy pickup truck he was driving ended up on the sidewalk between a pole and sign in front of Riggins Garment Care on East Main Street. According to reports the vehicle also ran over a fire hydrant, ground meters and struck the a power pole. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $4000. Other damages including the fire hydrant amounted to another $4500. M. Roberts. C. Samuel investigated.