Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


June 25 – J.A. Clark responded to 400 Clarendon Dr. where Thomas Durham reported that someone had entered his vehicle.

June 27 – D.T. Owens was dispatched to 1020 Kensington Lake Rd. where Pierro Shepard BM, 17 reported that while he was having an argument with a friend, another party, known only as Anthony, BM, 25, had picked him up and thrown him to the ground, causing a small bump on his head.


June 24 – J.K. Vickery responded to 29 Square St. in reference to a report of a disturbance. IT was the third time that evening that deputies had been summoned to the location by Candace Allen, due to the behavior of her husband, Wyman Allen WM, 41, 5’9″, 140 pounds, bald,blue. According to Candace, Wyman had been drinking and had damaged the interior of the home, while yelling, cursing, and playing music loudly. The third time, Allen was taken into custody for breach of peace and transported to ACDC.

June 24 – Sgt. J.J. Jacobs responded to a complaint from a motorist abiout a possible drunken driver in the area of Hwy. 29N and Hwy. 8. Upon arriving in the area, he observed a silver 2011 Chevy Camaro with a paper tag. The vehicle failed to maintain its lane and he initiated a traffic stop. The driver, Bernard Turay, BM, 27, of Anderson was found to have a suspended driver’s license. A subsequent search of the vehicle produced an open container of wine as well. Turay was taken into custody on both charges.

June 26 – A.H. Mills was dispatched to 12 Conner St. where Laura Hill reported the theft of her S.C. Tag #AVX 736.


June 24 – A.S. Rivos and Cpl. C.L. Wilkins responded to 109 Bentz Rd. where Francine Cabral reported that someone had damaged her vehicle while it was at her work location. The damage was verified for insurance purposes.

June 25 – P.D. Marter responded to the BP Convenience Store at 2900 Hwy. 153 where store employee Judy Yearda reported that a black male, approximately 35 years old,had stolen three cases of Budweiser beer, fleeing in an older model red pickup truck.


June 25 – J.R. Brunson responded to 108 Gerald Simmons Dr. where Michael Simmons reported the theft of his S&W .380 caliber pistol, valued at $350.