Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated an incident in which a drunk driver hit a parked car and overturned and another incident in which kittens were thrown from a moving vehicle.

June 28 – Lasonya Owen, 45, 308 Brook St. Honea Path reported her debit card compromised at several locations including the Rodeway Inn in Anderson and the Curb Market in Williamston between April 22 and May 12. Charges amounted to $162. Captain K. Marsee investigated.

June 28 – An employee of King Asphalt, 2127 Greenville, reported an incident of animal cruelty on N. Hamilton St. According to reports, a female driving a gold colored SUV threw two kittens out of the vehicle on N. Hamilton St. She then threw another gray kitten from the vehicle at the entrance to the student parking lot at 804 N. Hamilton. The incident remains under investigation. C. Samuel investigated.

June 28 – Joshua Steele Austin, 33, 101 Parker St., Williamston reported a large black CD case containing approximately 300 CDs taken from his vehicle. It also appeared that there was an attempt to remove the radio from the vehicle. The CDs were valued at $250. M. Roberts investigated.

June 28 – Melissa Ann Ferguson, 30, 2 Black St,. Williamston was arrested for two outstanding warrants with Anderson County after officers were dispatched to the address in reference to a trespass violation. Ferguson was arrested and transferred to Anderson City at the Jockey Lot on Hwy. 29. K. Anthony investigated.

June 30 – A delivery truck driver with Dollar General reported an incident in which he thought an unknown man was going to attempt to rob him. According to reports, a white male described as approximately six feet tall, dark shirt and jeans, approached the driver rom behind the trailer while it was parked at the store. E. Bonnett, M. Beeman investigated.

July 1 – A 44 year old Williamston female reported incidents of harassment in which a white male has parked and watched her at her job and followed her home from work several times in the past two weeks. E. Bonnett, M. Beeman investigated.

June 30 – Melody Lee McAlister, 58, 117 Radcliff Way, Anderson reported a cell phone taken from 305 Main St. in Williamston. The phone was valued at $700. M. Roberts investigated.

Ju.y 3 – Fast Fuel, 207 W. Main St,. Williamston reported man attempted to pass a counterfeit $10 bill. When the clerk advised the man that the bill was not real he attempted to get it back and wanted to take it back to where he had gotten the money. When told the money had to be turned over to the police department, the man left the store at that time. J. Sargent investigated.

July 2 – Brent Macintosh, 44, 204 Mauldin St., Williamston reported two jacks missing from a house he was renovating. The jacks were valued at $107. K. Anthony investigated.

July 2 – Williamston officers investigated a complaint of individuals knocking at doors and soliciting books. Upon investigating it was determined the individual was a college student selling children’s educational books. The man, identified as Chris Mudd, was driving a vehicle with Oklahoma tags. He did have a business license from the town and other credentials supporting his reason for being in the area. M. Roberts investigated.

July 10 – Aaron Micheal Whitmore, 23, 17 Virginia Dr., Williamston was arrested for disrderly conduct after officers were dispatched in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arrival officers observed the man being loud and disorderly and cursing loudly as his vehicle was burning. After attempting to get him to calm down, he was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was transported to ACDC without further incident. R. Drennon, M. Crowe investigated.

July 2 – John Ellis Funk, 25, 2 Stockbridge Dr., Greer was arrested for driving under the influence after the vehicle he was driving struck another vehicle parked on the side of the road on Royal Dr., and then overturned. Damage to the 2008 Kia that was hit was estimated at $3000. After field sobriety tests, Funk was arrested. He was taken to the Williamston Police Department and adminstered a breath sample with results of .17 percent BAC. He was then transported to ACDC without incident. T. Ryan investigated.

July 4 – Phillip Marshall Hughey, 28, 2 W 4th St., Williamston reported tattoo equipment valued at $1200 taken from the residence. C. Samuel investigated.

July 5 – Rodney Mitchell Lewallen, 49, 1102 S. Academy St., Williamston reported a car trailer valued at $3000 stolen from his residence. According to reports, two males in a dark mid size truck opened a gate in the yard and left with the trailer attached. M. Beeman investigated.

July 6 – Kristen Leigh Langston, 36, 9 S. Academy Street Ct., Williamston reported the back glass of her Cadillac Escalade SUV busted out. No items were reported missing. Damage was estimated at $750. M. Roberts investigated.