Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

July 13 – Alisha Marie Hewlett, 38, 108 Edgewood Dr., Williamston reported leaving a vapor module device described as blue Snow Wolf brand with aspire tank, silver mouth piece and three green batteries at Hardees, 1520 Anderson Drive. When she called the business about it she was advised it was gone. The vapor set up was valued at $130. M. E. Simmons investigated.

July 14 – Susie Nicole Burton, 17, 104 River Dr., Williamston reported $140 in cash taken from her 2006 Ford Explorer while the vehicle was parked at McDonalds, 4 W. Main St, in Williamston. Reports state the vehicle was not locked at the time. R. Drennon investigated.

July 15 – Weylin Dale Anderson , 24, 5101 Highway 29 N and a person identified as Mr. Halbert were both arrested for simple possession of marijuana after officers were dispatched in reference to a possible drug deal at 4 W. Main St. According to reports, two subjects, Anderson and Halbert were questioned. A small white baggy with a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana was found in Halbert’s hand. Anderson admitted he had given the marijuana to Halbert. A third person in a vehicle parked next to Anderson’s bicycle was questioned in connection with the incident after officers observed a white bag consistent with packaged marijuana on the back seat of the vehicle. Anderson admitted the bag in the vehicle was his. Four grams of a substance field tested as marijuana was seized from Anderson. .6 grams of a substance field tested as marijuana was seized from Mr. Halbert. Both were transported to ACDC without incident. K. Anthony investigated.

July 16 – Officer Z. Parks investigated a collision in the vicinity of McClellion and Mauldin Streets in which the owner of a vehicle stated he was not driving. The incident remains under investigation. Z. T. Parks investigated.

July 19 – Jennifer Miller, Manager of Burger King, 905 Greenville Dr., Williamston reported a window shattered at the business. Reports indicate a large rock appeared to be the object thrown trhough the window, causing $1500 in damage. M. Beeman investigated.

July 16 – Paul David Froman, maintenance man for the automatic car wash secton at Main Street Quick Lube, 211 Main St., reported money in both machines did not match receipts. E. Bonnett, Cpl. L. E. Mulz investigated.

July 19 -Amy Cothran, Principal at Palmetto Elementary School, reported vandalism in which a large rock was thrown through a hallway door and another large rock thrown through a double window pane in a classroom. Video footage showed a single subject which appeared to be a white male wearing shorts and hightop tennis shoes. Damage was estimated at $1500. J. Sargent investigated.

July 19 – Brent Eugene Branham, 27, 110 Ramshead Ct., Townville was arrested for an outstanding warrant with Williamston PD. The warrant was served at the Anderson County Detention Center. M. Beeman investigated.

July 19 – Catrina Harris, 124 Chesnut Drive, Belton reported an unknown subject threw a beer bottle hitting the front window of her vehicle causing $300 in damage. M. Beeman investigated.

July 20 – Tyler Mathew Wells, 20, 17 Mil St., Pelzer was arrested for simple possession of marijuana after three people were observed walking in Mineral Spring Park at 1:58 am. According to reports Wells stated they were in the park playing Pokemon on their phones. During the investigation Wells was found to have a small baggie of a green leafy substance in his front pants pocket. He was arrested and transported to ACDC without incident. T. Ryan investigated.

July 23 – Sharon Blanding, 55, 320 E. Carolina St., Williamston and Claudia Massey (no additional information) were both arrested for simple assault after officers responded to 312 E. Carolina St., in reference to an assault. Both females stated that they had been involved in a physical altercation in the street. Officers spoke with several people who gave conflicting accounts so both suspects were placed under arrest and transported to ACDC. Massey was transported to the emergency room because of a knot and swelling on her forehead. She was cleared by the emergency room and transported back to ACDC. R. Drennon, M. Beeman investigated.

July 23 – Sav-Way, 305 East Main St., Williamston reported a gas drive-off in which a young white male wearing a blue and white striped shirt pumped $21.04 in fuel and drove off. M. Beeman investigated.

July 25 – Greg Thompson, 115 Magee of SC Regional Housing reported someone had dumped trash on the corner of 105 Mackey St., Apt. 181. Class 3 B. Peterson took the report.

July 25 – Phillip Marshall Hughey, 2 W 4th St,. Williamston reported that someone broke into his house and broke his TV, home stereo system and coffee table causing an estimated $2000 in damage. Z. T. Parks inestigated.