Wren, Powdersville tennis court projects moved up on building schedule


By David Meade

In addition to classroom additions at Concrete Primary, Anderson School District One has other building projects underway including plans for new tennis courts at Powdersville and Wren High Schools, a new Weight Room and Locker Room Facility at Wren High, and a new Multi-Purpose Athletic building at Palmetto High.

Superintendent David Havird updated District One Board members on the building program during their regular monthly meeting Tuesday. Havird said that with funding available and at the urging of board members, they are moving projects up on the schedule.

“We are working with our architect and construction manager, MB Kahn, to accelerate our building schedule to include adding the concession stands and restrooms at the Wren High stadium project,” he told the board. “I do believe we have a good handle on our funding and the construction management team to accomplish the completion of the Wren High School Stadium by August 2017,” Havird said.

He thanked the board members for continuing to push and encourage that projects be completed as soon as possible.

“Planning for student enrollment growth is very important,” Havird said. “It takes a lot of organization, logistical planning, and is time consuming to work through the various permits and Office of School Facilities approvals. Planning and staying ahead of student enrollment growth is critically important to avoid using portable classrooms in the future.

Havird reminded the Board that each of the projects is being built with funds from the Local Option Sales Tax which parents supported. The projects are debt free, he said.

Scott Powell of Craig Gaulden and Davis Architecture Firm then updated the board on the 10,600 square foot addition at Concrete Primary. The project includes an eight room addition and parking spaces. The playground has been relocated, he said.

The Powdersville High tennis court project includes new courts located near Powdersville Middle and practice fields. The facility will have spectator bleachers and will be lighted. The project is currently being permitted and construction is expected to begin in November or December, Powell said.

The Wren projects include a new Field House, concessions and toilets with handicap access.. The tennis courts will be staggered, he said. There will be additional parking.

The home concession area and toilets have to meet new International Building Code requirements, resulting in the facility being required to have 29 womens toilets and a family toilet. The requirements are the same as for a college, Powell said. The facility is 3733 sq. ft.

At Palmetto, a new multi-purpose facility that is the same size as the Wren facility will be constructed. It can be used for cheer and wrestling practice, as well as indoor baseball practice, according to Powell. Work on the 7,285 sq. ft. building is expected to begin early in 2017.