Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Editors Note – Due to the way the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is making reports available to The Journal, only the following incidents reported between Sept. 16 and Sept. 18 were available for publication this week. However it is more than we have received over the last three weeks.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office reported investigating the following incidents in September:

EASLEY – Sept. 17 – C.P. Huff responded to 307 Camperdown Court where Jeremy Hudson reported a burglary at his home, resulting in the loss of a shotgun valued at $250.


Sept. 17 – C.L. Wilkinson was dispatched to 209 Seigler Rd. where Timothy Gillespie reported the theft of a number of tools and other items from his garage, valued at approximately $2300. Gillespie said he had gone to his neighbor at 210 Seigler Rd. across the street to see if she had seen anyone; and while he was there, he spotted what he believed to be his wheelbarrow in the back yard of 208 Seigler Road. HE asked Deputy Wilkinson to approach the site and ask about the items. The property owner, identity withheld by the ACSO, stated that the wheelbarrow was his but that the items in it were unfamiliar. He told the deputy that his brother was also at home, and they went inside. Subsequently, Gregory Sarra, WM, 55, 5’11″, 160 pounds, gray/brn, was arrested on charges of burglary and the majority of the stolen items were recovered.


Sept. 17 – D. McQueen responded to a reported assault at 19 Haynes Street. Upon arriving, he contacted Stacie Culbertson,WF, 40, who said that while at a backyard birthday party a 45 year old white woman, identity and description withheld by the ACSO, had pushed her down and started punching her in the face.

Sept. 18 – E.K. Rochester received a telephone report from Daniel Gedif, of Rowlett, TX. Gedif said he left his wallet, containing $400, on the counter at the Pilot Station at 110 Frontage Road, and when he returned to get it, the clerk returned it to him, the money was gone.


Sept. 16 – C.L. Wilkinson responded to a reported larceny at 103 Kirsch Dr. Miguel Calderon reported that he returned home to find a white male, in his late 30s, with long hair and a beard stealing a gas can from his shed. The thief rode off on a black moped with VIP on the side. Calderon also stated that four tire rims were missing from his front yard.

Sept.18 – C.E. Doherty was dispatched to 10 Little Beaver Creek Lane where he arrested Jonathan Laurence for assaulting his girl friend. While in the back seat of the cruiser, Laurence kicked the door, springing it o the hinge and damaging the cruiser. That charge was added and he was transported to ACDC.

Sept. 18 – J.A. Clark responded to the Dollar General Store at the intersection of Six and Twenty Road and Highway 81 N. A man reported that he had tried to enter the store about a half hour before it would have ordinarily closed, but the clerk refused him entry. She then locked the doors, but informed him that the store was being robbed and asked him to call 911. He did, and Clark responded. The store personnel described the robber as a black male in all black clothes with a black hose over his face, and carrying a small pistol.