Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway:

Building and Codes

 Applicable staff met with Duke Energy representatives to discuss permitting and inspection requirements for their House Power Panel Replacement Project. This project consists of replacing approximately 6,607 original Combination Meter Enclosure and Breaker Boxes that were installed by Duke Energy in the 1960’s. Duke will be up-grading the necessary equipment which will require inspections by our Inspection Staff. Phase I of this project will begin in October 2016 and go through February 2018.

Met with Development Standards to review plans for new Single-Family Dwellings that were submitted for an existing Planned Development (PD). Drawings were approved accordingly.

PERMITS SUBMITTED:12 New Single-Family Dwelling Issued and 5 Addition-Renovation; 3 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 2 Replacement; 1 Pool; 4 Demolition; 20 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 3 Commercial  Including: New Bargain City Warehouse located off Beaverdam Rd in Williamston, Power to Service an Electrical Meter for a Rectifier that serves a Gas Main, Electrical for Industrial Coatings; 7 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Sign for Tri-County Technical College Industrial Technology Center located off Hwy 76, AT&T HVAC Replacement in Belton, Cook Dental located off Hwy 86 in Piedmont, Glen Raven Solar Farm located of Liberty Hwy, Nichols Pre-Engineered Storage Building located in Belton, Hwy 187 Storage Building P Expansion, Panera Bread Re-Model, Paragon Hotel Company Office Renovation located off Destination Blvd, Siloam Baptist Church Dining Hall Renovation, Western Upstate Association of Realtors Addition located off McGee Rd and Various resubmittals.

Development Standards


§  Powdersville Orthodontist located on Hood Road, Piedmont.

§  Brookstone Meadows Clubhouse & Pool located at Brookstone Meadows Subdivision

§  Verizon Wireless (Resubmittal) new tower located on Furman Gamble Road, Anderson.

§  Edgebrook/Prescott, a PD(Planned Development) Lots 7, 8, 16, & 26

§  Floodplain Development Permit for 101 Birch River Road on the Saluda River.

§  Floodplain Development Permit for 91 Caledonia Drive, Easley.


§  Concrete Primary School Addition located on Powdersville Main, Piedmont.

§  Sosebee Funeral Home Addition located on S. Main Street, Anderson.

§  Midway Ridge, a PD (Planned Development) for Lot#25 Farlow Court

§  Edgebrook/Prescott a (Planned Development) for 206 O’bannon Court.


§  W.S. Lee Station/Piedmont Natural Gas Authorit located on Lee Steam Plant Road.

§  Glen Raven Solar Project Highway 178 Anderson.

§  Concrete Primary School Addition located on Powdersville Main, Piedmont.



§  Smith Farms Subdivision, $47,000 bond secured for infrastructure improvements.


§ Heatherstone Apartments located off of Highway 153-all landscaping completed for entire project.

Fleet Services

To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at You can then click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.

Roads & Bridges

Grading crew regraded and added new gravel as needed to Tiny McConnell Road & Harrison Road; completed a concrete cross-over repair on Fred Dobbins Road.

Bridge crew converted a type 9 catch basin (Chad Court) to a new 24″x36″ drop inlet. The type 9 top was being hit by vehicles and our crew was having to replace/re-install once a month. Monday was spent on Keys Street repairing concrete curbs on the bridge.

Asphalt crew double-treated Hugo Road with CRS-2P, 6M & 89M stone; residents of Hugo seem to be happy.  Pics

Sign crew completed a special sign project in and around Clemson Research Park.

2015-2016 Road Improvement Contractor paved Hall Street.  Pics

Received 4 after-hours call-outs for a total of 34.5 man-hours; all calls were downed trees


Four Near Misses and one OSHA Recordable accident reported.

Completed Hearing Test.

County – Wide Safety meeting. Topics covered Old Business, Current Report, Safety Update, Workers Compensation, Tort/Property, Defensive Drivers Training.

Conducted two departmental safety meetings. Topics covered Accident Causes and Prevention, Safety Updated, Workers Compensation, Tort Property, Defensive Drivers Training.

Continuing Education Class sponsored by South Carolina Associations of Counties.


A new application for W.S. Lee Steam Station – Ash Fill Area Project was received.

Resubmittals for Pennington Farms and W.S. Lee Steam Station – PNG Easement Parcel Clearing were received.

Reviews were conducted and applications for NPDES coverage made for Pennington Farms & Spinx 135.

Review was conducted for Piedmont Natural Gas-Line 349 Replacement.

Conducted a pre-submittal meeting with the design professional for a major modification of Hanna Crossing.


ROW began cutting the Beaver Dam line this week.

The CCTV crew is in process of inspecting gravity lines in the Powdersville area.

Performed 3 residential and 2 commercial sewer tap inspections this week: 3 in Pheasant Ridge and 2 at Richey Place off Highway 153 and Three Bridges Road.

Met with Corps of Engineers and Duke Energy at Leeward Landing pump station to discuss tree removal and transformer size for the new pumps and refurbishment of the existing pump station.

Contractors set the wet well this week for the new Pendleton High School pump station. This pump station will take the place of two old pump stations on the school property. A hydrostatic test was performed on the new force main for this pump station. The test passed.

Pump station crew completed the annual inspection at Stonehaven, and are in the beginning stages of inspecting Clemson Research.