Anderson Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies reported the following incidents:


Sept. 30 – J.M. Culbertson responded to the vicinity of Old Pendleton Road and Redwood Dr. in reference to a reported kidnapping. Upon arriving at 1811 Old Pendleton Rd., he saw a white male trying to flag him down. He made contact with Brian Atkinson, Jr., WM, 30, 6’3″, 175 pounds from Hartsville, SC. Atkinson said he felt his life was in danger from some people he had been hanging around with for the last few days. But he gave no real reason for his feeling, and could provide few details about the people. He was obviously nervous and impatient, and he admitted using methamphetamine earlier in the day. Culbertson subsequently placed him under arrest for public disorderly conduct.

Oct. 2 – P.D. Marter responded to 1924 Old Pendleton Rd. where a sixteen year old female reported that her car had been broken into.


Sept. 30 – J.G. Williams was dispatched to 1712 Easley Hwy. where Alva Bray reported the theft of his gray 2007 Dodge pickup truck. He left the truck running while he went inside the convenience store to make a purchase.


Sept. 30 – A.P. Barron responded to the McDonald’s at Hwy. 86 and I-85 where the manager of the store reported receiving two counterfeit twenty dollar bills during the day.

Sept. 30 – A.C. Guthrie and other members of the AET team encountered and arrested Andrew Patton, WM, 33, 5’11″, 175 pounds, of Piedmont, for unlawful carry of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance.

Oct. 2 – A.N. Killingworth responded to a report of a burglary at 125 Old School Rd., where Horace Jones reported that someone had broken into his repair shop and stolen a number of tools and auto parts.