School District One announces test scores



The State Education Department recently released the results of the 2016 SC PASS, SC Ready and EOC scores. Students in grades 3-8 took SC PASS for science and social studies and SC Ready for English language arts (ELA) and math tests. Students in middle and high school took End Of Course exams.


Students Meeting and Exceeding Expectations in Grades 3-8 – State 42.47%; Anderson One 51.3%

2016 SC READY Math Students Meeting and Exceeding Expectations in Grades 3-8: State 42.1%; Anderson One 56.5%

2016 SCPASS SCIENCE – Students Met and Exemplary in Grades 4-8: State 65.9%; Anderson One 77.8%

Improvements in SCPASS scores reflect the effective STEM programs and efforts being made to incorporate problem based learning.

2016 SCPASS SOCIAL STUDIES – Students Met and Exemplary in Grades 4-8: State 73.56%;Anderson One 82.1%

Science Social Studies

2015 2016 2015 2016

Grade 4 87.4 80.9 93.8 90.3

Grade 5 78.7 84.4 78.6 82.8

Grade 6 71 73.5 86 84.1

Grade 7 74.5 73.3 75.3 72.5

Grade 8 69.8 77 75.5 81

Jane Harrison, District One Assistant Superintendent for Instruction said, “The new SC Ready scores this year serve only as a new baseline for measuring academic progress. With this being the first year of the new College and Career Ready test, SCReady, it is not possible to make direct comparisons of this year’s results to previous years, but we are optimistic the changes we are making will drive improvements in teaching and learning. Our district scores were well above the state average in every content area and grade level. We are proud of the strides our students are making to be college and career ready.”

2016 End of Course Exams Percentage Passing

Algebra I English I Biology US History&


2015 2016 2015 2016 2015 2016 2015 2016

89.5 88.4 84.3 90.1 82.5 80.5 82.7 81.2

District One Superintendent David Havird, said, “The teachers in Anderson One do an outstanding job of teaching and preparing our students. With the highest graduation rate ever for 2015 we are committed to creating successful students moving on to college or the workforce.”