Rep. Jeff Duncan comments on FBI, Clinton emails


220px-Jeff_Duncan,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressLaurens, S.C. – Third District Congressman Jeff Duncan made the following comments recently after FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to eight congressional committee chairmen that investigators are examining newly discovered emails that appear to be connected to the email probe.

“Secretary Clinton’s gross negligence has once again forced the FBI to reopen an investigation into her misconduct,” said Rep. Duncan “This news comes on the heels of new revelations that long time Clinton ally Gov. Terry McAuliffe funneled $675,000 through his PAC to the wife of a senior FBI official who helped supervised the investigation into Sec. Clinton’s covert email practices.”

“The American people are shocked and appalled at Sec. Clinton’s conduct, but are equally upset with the mishandling of this crucial investigation. It’s critical that Sec. Clinton is held accountable for her actions and that the American people are confident that the investigation is taking place free from undue political influence from the Obama Administration or the Clinton campaign. Considering the FBI’s previous mishandling of this case, which includes allowing people with conflicts of interest to oversee the investigation and questionable criminal immunity deals for key witnesses, I feel that it is clearly in the public’s best interest for this entire case to be turned over to an independent special prosecutor.”