You can help provide holiday meals


Meals on Wheels is working on a new Adopt A Route Holiday program for providing a hot meal to recipients on days the office is closed. Meals on Wheels usually sends a frozen meal to recipients any day that the office is closed for a holiday. However, the Adopt a Route program will offer the community an opportunity to lend a helping hand during the holidays and serve hot meals to recipients.

Adopt a Route invites individuals, families, churches, civic groups and more to choose a standard Meals on Wheels food delivery route, prepare or purchase a meal to serve to those on the route and deliver it on a day the office is closed. Last year, a team of firemen prepared and delivered meals, as did several church groups.

To Adopt a Route, one must prepare (or purchase) the food and arrange for delivery. The staff at Meals on Wheels will assist in finding a route that suits the needs of the volunteers based on location and number of people to serve. If you are interested in Adopting a Route, contact Meg Jones at the MOW office at 864-225-6800 or