State, local candidates


Many candidates on the ballot are facing no opposition. The following are the candidates for the various offices.

In Anderson County, the candidates for Sheriff (Chad McBride); Solicitor,(David Wagner); Clerk of Court (Richard Shirley); Coroner (Greg Shore); Treasurer (Jason Phillips); and Auditor (Jacky Hunter) are all unopposed in the general election.

County council members Cindy Wilson, Ken Waters, and Tom Allen are all unopposed.

Mike Upton is unopposed for the District Two seat on the County Board of Education.

In the District One School Board races, Brenda Ellison is unopposed in Area Six, Mike Wilson is unopposed in Area Two, while David “Moochie” Merritt is opposed by John C. Neel IV in Area Three.

In Piedmont, Lib Pack and Rudy Rhodes face no opposition in the Piedmont Public Service Commission race.

Area Water Districts – Al Rentz is unopposed in his run for the Big Creek Watershed Conservation Commission, While Carroll Ross is unopposed in the Broadmouth Creek election.

Three Candidates are vying for the Brushy Creek Water Commission: Eric McConnell, Gary Nevil, and Scott Smart. J. Mark Bishop, William McAbee III, and Phil Tripp are vying for the Three & Twenty Commission.

On the state and national level, incumbent Republican Senator Tim Scott faces an odd selection of opponents,with three men representing five different parties. Thomas Dixon is listed as a member of both the Democrat and Green parties, while Bill Bledsoe represents both the Constitutional and Libertarian parties, while Rebel Michael Scarborough represents the American Party

U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan of District Three will face Hosea Cleveland in the general election, while Congressman Trey Gowdy will face Democrat Chris Fedalei and a Constitution Party candidate.

In the State Senate, District Three incumbent Kevin Bryant is unopposed.

Senator Mike Gambrell is also unopposed District Four seat. Gambrell won several elections in his quest to fill Senator Billy O’Dell’s seat, which was vacated by his untimely passing earlier this year.

State House – Jay West is unopposed for Mike Gambrell’s vacant House seat. Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Brian White, from State District Six, is unopposed.

Anne Thayer was unopposed in the primary for her District Nine House seat, but she has a Democratic challenger Mary Geren. Joshua Putnam, the incumbent from District Ten, was also unopposed in the primary but will face Democrat Anna Brown in the general election.

Also on the ballot in Anderson County is a referendum issue, concerning whether to change the current term of County Council members from a two year non-staggered term to a four year staggered term, which would avoid the possibility of a total turnover of the Council in one election cycle.