Anderson School District One graduation rate at record high


Anderson School District One officials announced this week that the graduation rate in District One increased from 91.6 in 2015 to 93.1 in 2016. Wren High School had the highest graduation rate in the district with a 97.2. Powdersville High School was right with Wren with a graduation rate of 97.1. Palmetto High School has a 85.8 graduation rate.

“Anderson School District One has challenged all fourteen schools to work diligently to promote College and Career Readiness and assume the responsibility that all K-12 schools play in the success of students graduating from school,” Assistant Superintendent Jane Harrison said. “For 2016, a record number of students from Palmetto High, Powdersville High and Wren High graduated with a diploma ready for college and/or the workforce. We credit our teachers and staff that realize the necessary components to helping students have a successful end to their educational journey: relationship, rigorous curriculum and high expectations.”

Powdersville High School Principal Dr. Chris Ferguson said, “Preparing students for college and careers is our number one mission at Powdersville High School, and we are very proud of the graduation rates we have achieved. In today’s economy, students understand just how limited their career choices will be without a high school diploma, and our dedicated faculty and staff help students achieve this important step.”

Nichole Boseman, principal of Wren High School said, “Our graduation rate is exemplary of the hard work that goes on daily. It is the tireless efforts of teachers, students, parents who help to make Wren High a learning environment in which students can succeed. High school graduation is an important part of a student’s life, and we make every effort to ensure that our students graduate and are equipped with the necessary skills to be a productive citizen. Our belief is to do whatever it takes to meet students where they are to help them graduate.”

Superintendent, David Havird, states “Congratulations to our students for a job well done.  I am very proud of our students accomplishment and their preparation and focus on the future. In order to achieve a high graduation rate, it takes a collaborative team of 4K – grade 12 professional educators, well prepared support staff, and talented school leadership. Moreover, parents, families, and the community must place a high priority on education and their child’s success. We are fortunate to have this cooperative effort in Anderson School District One that significantly benefits each of our students. Therefore, more students are graduating from Anderson One than ever before.”

“The goal from the state to have students college and/or career ready when they graduate is a goal Anderson One is meeting,” Havird said. “Many of our students are choosing two/four year colleges and technical schools and are prepared when they enter. For others, they choose to enter the workforce or the military and they are successful because the schools have well prepared them. Hopefully they understand they will have more opportunities available with a high school diploma.”