Around the County . . .


Anderson County Department of Pubilc Works reported the following projects underway across the county:

Building and Codes

·         Phase I of our Substandard Housing Demolition Plan is complete! A total of 10 Structures have been razed. Thanks to County Council we continue to make progress in cleaning up these dilapidated

·         October Stats:

o   Revenue Up 1% Compared to October 2014 ($71,678.20 to $72,344.20)

o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits Up 33% Compared to October 2014  (60 to 80 )

o   Total of 699 permits/transactions Up 3% Compared to October 2014 (625): 170 Building, 165 Electrical, 115 Plumbing, 123 HVAC, 64 Mobile Homes, 29 Demolition, 33 Miscellaneous

Development Standards

§  Duke Energy Lee Steam Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Generation Facility located on Lee Steam Plant Road.

§  New McDonald’s located on Highway 76/Westinghouse Road, Pendleton-Property will be annexed into Town of Pendleton.

§  New 12,000 square foot building addition to TNT Sports located on Yale Lane/Alliance Parkway.

§  Dadani’s Exxon Expansion located on Highway 29N, Belton.


§  Duke Energy Lee Steam Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Generation Facility located on Lee Steam Plant Road.


§  Illegal signage Highway 153 & Old Powdersville Road.

·         October Stats:

o   Land Use Permits, 130

o   Septic Tank Permits, 27

o   Individual Summary Plats, 43

o   Commercial Up-fits, 5

Roads & Bridges

·         Most of the week was spent responding to the damage caused by the rain and wind.

·         Grading crew responded to a report that Mockingbird Lane had washed out at the cross-over pipe; after discovering damage from the heavy rain, they called for an emergency locate and started the replacement of the old metal 36″ pipe with a new 36″ concrete. Scheduled to be finished this week.

·         Ditching crew and Asphalt crew worked Monday and Tuesday placing “Water on Road” signs throughout the day.

·         Sign crew made additional signs needed for the rain event. Some of the sign crew came in Monday, on their day off, to help with the event.

·         Vegetation crew responded to downed trees; spent most of the week cleaning up trees from the roadway.

·         Staff helped with investigating flood calls from residents for road wash outs, water-over-road, ditches and yards flooding issues.


·         Reviews for Duke Energy Anderson Ops Yard Expansion, QuikTrip #1117, and 60,000 SF Manufacturing Facility for Euwe Wexler were conducted. The NPDES application for QuikTrip #1117 was made to DHEC.

for 2 years for the purchase of monitoring supplies. Upstate Forever will be the grant applicant.

·         The cease and desist notice issued to the site on Shiloh Road in Piedmont was lifted.

·         The manager attended the SC APWA Annual Conference in Myrtle Beach.

·         October Stats:

o   4 construction sites were issued notices of violation.

o   2 construction sites issued a cease and desist notices.

o   1 pre-construction meeting.

o   Approved 5 stormwater permits, 2 major permit modifications, completed 5 plan reviews.

o   2 stormwater permit terminations were approved.

o   Inspections: 41 sediment/erosion control, 3 post-construction, 3 county facility & 0 industrial stormwater


·         Performed 5 residential sewer tap inspections: Lots 49 and 51 in the Rivendell subdivision and lots 35, 36 and 37 in the Sullivan Hills subdivision.

·         Planned pre-construction meeting with SCDOT on HWY 86 concerning on and off ramp widening onto I-85. Anderson County Wastewater has utilities in the construction area.

·         Met with contractors to discuss location of Hurricane Creek force main on HWY 76. The contractor is installing conduit for fiber optic lines and will be running parallel to this force main.