Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office reported investigating the following four incidents during the last seven days:


Dec. 3 – D.P. Stipe received a telephone complaint from Colie Bolding, from Six Mile, who reported that two white men in a black Chevy truck stole a number of tools from his truck while he was inside the 7-11 store at 2312 Easley Highway. The loss was estimated at $300.

Dec. 5 – J.D. Brown responded to 134 Caledonia Dr. where Christopher Reynolds, construction supervisor for Eastwood Construction, LLC reported that six homes at the site had been burglarized, with kitchen stoves taken from each unit. The losses were estimated at $3070.


Dec. 4 – J. M. Pelfrey was dispatched to 432A Wood Field Dr. where Kyle Thomas reported that a subject, name and description withheld, had stolen his 2000 Nissan Maxima.Thomas explained that the subject and another male had come to the house and he had let them in. At some point the subject gave him what was supposedly an aspirin. Thomas became drowsy and upon waking up, he found his truck and the two men gone. The vehicle had SC tag # 700LKE.


Dec. 3 – J.M. Culbertson received a report from Michelle Jones, of 2119 Beaverdam Road, who stated that she returned to her home and found signs of an attempted break -in. Entry was not achieved, but approximately $100 in damage was done to the door.