West Pelzer negotiates garbage, approves town hall renovations


By Stan Welch

West Pelzer Town Council took care of some basic, but important business Monday night, authorizing negotiations on the town’s garbage services contract, and approving the preliminary stages of the renovations on the old NAPA auto parts store.

Mayor Blake Sanders sought and received authority to negotiate the contract with Waste Industries, based on the draft contract in hand. That draft included several modifications, such as the leaf and limb pickup days, and the inclusion of the cost of servicing a dumpster at the sewer plant every two weeks.

The main change in the arrangement, however, is the length of the contract, which locks in the cost of the service for five years, except for some cost increases built on such things as an increase in the cost of fuel.

Council also awarded contracts to two contractors, Larry J. Carlton Roofing and Central Electrical Services, for preliminary and pressing renovations. Carlton Roofing submitted a bid of $21,750 to install a roof on top of the existing roof. The new roof will consist of an eighty mil thick membrane, with insulation installed in such a manner as to create a slope from the front of the store to the rear, to facilitate drainage. The current roof is flat, and has serious leaking issues.

The installation will also include a six inch gutter and drainage at the rear of the store. Sanders made it clear that installation of the new roof is a matter of serious importance. “The wet winter season is beginning to set in, and we need to get this done as soon as possible.”

He also reported that Guy Roofing, out of Spartanburg, proposed a much more involved repair, including removal of the existing roofing materials, but they suggested a sixty mil membrane. Their bid was approximately three times the bid accepted.

Central Electrical Services bid just over $1800 to install a new electrical service adequate to provide power for use in future construction,and to operate the HVAC system in the building. Sanders explained that the new service will allow town employees to begin the parts of the renovations, like stripping old wiring, while the Town Council receives and considers bids for the major aspects of the coming project.

Town Clerk Paula Payton reported that the owners of several condemned properties in town, which have completed the procedures for condemnation and demolition have until the end of the month to respond. She also stated that the RDA sewer project update is almost complete, with January 20 scheduled as the final date.

Councilman Jimmy Jeanes raised the issue of allowing additional leaf burning days to let residents get caught up. Several scheduled burn days were lost due to county or state imposed burn bans due to drought conditions. Mayor Sanders pointed out that the ordinance would have to be amended by the prescribed method, and asked Jeanes to work with town attorney Carey Murphy to draft the necessary amendment in time for the January Council meeting.

Disconnections of water meters for non-payment will be delayed until January 3, the day the town employees return to work. The Town Hall and Public works will be closed from December 23rd till January 2nd.