Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents in the Piedmont area:


Dec. 16 – A.C. Guthrie received a telephone report from the clerk at the SavWay gas station at 1004 Hwy. 86 that a customer had driven off without paying for forty dollars worth of gas.

Dec. 17 – J.D. Reed received a telephone complaint from Dwight Phillips, that someone stole his leaf blower from his pickup truck while he was parked at a local gas station. The loss was estimated at $400.

Dec. 17 – J.K. Vickery responded to 112 Round Table Court where Robert Montoya reported that someone had entered his home and stolen two firearms valued at $1000. Both were long guns – an AR-15 and a shotgun. He also stated that a friend of his neighbors’ son had asked him about the firearms just a bit earlier. He wanted to buy some guns, but Montoya refused. He returned home a short while later to discover the theft. The friend was a black male in his twenties. The friend’s son refused to provide any information on the subject.

Dec. 17 – Several hours after the above incident, J.M. Culbertson responded to the area of Round Table Court and Arthur Drive, where Christopher Konduros reported that two black males had shot at him in his car while he was delivering a pizza to the area. He reported that he was back at the Pizza Hut on Hwy. 153 and would remain there until Culbertson arrived. He later explained that he had delivered a pizza to 114 Round Table Court and had heard several gun shots as he left the neighborhood.

He stated that a dark vehicle pulled up and hit him in the driver’s side, and that the passenger had a black revolver. He asked Konduros if he had just shot up the passenger’s house, to which Konduros responded that he had not. The passenger then shot at him as he sped away. His car was struck two times by rounds fired. Several witnesses contacted by Culbertson reported hearing several gunshots in the general area. Konduros was not harmed. Forensic evidence was collected from the car.

Dec. 18 – J.M. Culbertson received a telephone report from Jason Lourigan, 116 Laurel Hill Dr., that someone had stolen his 2016 dark blue Honda Accord, valued at $24,000.

Dec. 19 – T.K. Cook responded to the Cracker Barrel restaurant on Hwy. 153 where Patricia Hann, an employee there, reported that someone had broken into her vehicle while she was working, and had stolen her purse, containing various financial cards and identification. She set the loss at $500.

No other area incident reports were made available to The Journal.