Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies continued what has become routine reporting of incidents being investigated. The Sheriff’s office reported only seven incidents in the Journal readership area this week. Among incident reports made available were the following:


Jan. 17 – R.G. Alexander received a telephone complaint from Alan Hardin, of Hardin Contractors, that someone had stolen sixty sheets of plywood from a job site at 416 St. Paul Rd. The loss was estimated at $800.


Jan. 13 – J.T. Bowers stopped a vehicle that he saw drive away from a disabled vehicle along the shoulder of Hwy 29N. Upon effecting a traffic stop, he became suspicious of the two occupants’ behavior and summoned C.P. Huff as backup. When Huff arrived he had the driver, Nicholas King, WM, 26, 6’3″, 280 pounds, and the passenger,Robert Baldwin, WM, 41, 6′ 185 pounds exit the vehicle. A subsequent search and investigation revealed that the numerous tools in the vehicle had been stolen from the disabled truck on the side of the road. The truck’s owner was brought to the scene where he reclaimed his tools, while the subjects were placed under arrest.

Jan. 16 – J.G. Williams responded to the parking lot of the New Hope Baptist Church where Amanda Burkette reported that someone, name and description withheld by the ACSO, had damaged her car with a sharp object. The damage was estimated at $2100.


Jan. 15 – C.H. McCarley responded to 147 Effie Dr. where Scott Davis reported that someone slashed a tire on his car, entered his vehicle and stole a radio and cell phone. The total loss was estimated at $300. McCarley also investigated an incident at 179 Effie Dr. where Katelyn Metcalf reported that someone slashed two tires on her car . Her sister in law, name withheld by ACSO, also reported two slashed tires and a forced entry into her car. The total losses and damages were estimated at $300.

Jan. 15 – A.C. Guthrie received a telephone complaint from Larry Wolfe that his S.C> license plate,number 7078FB, had been stolen from his van.


Jan. 14 – L.M. Watts received a telephone complaint from Roberto Samano, of 112 Kirsch Dr. that his license tag, number BWG154, had been stolen from his vehicle.

A request for a report on a shooting incident in Williamston on Dec. 28 resulted in some additional information, however a portion of the report was redacted.

According to the report, on December 28, at the Town and Country Bar, James Gregory Taylor, WM, 5’10″, 250 pounds, blond and blue, was shot in the leg in the parking lot.

Deputy C.L. Wilkinson responded and found Taylor on the ground with a leg wound. Standing nearby was the person who shot him. This person was identified by several witnesses to the shooting, but his name and description were withheld from the official incident report by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the report, the unnamed person was taken into custody and EMS was cleared to approach the scene. While waiting for EMS to arrive, Deputy J.K. Killingsworth applied a tourniquet to Taylor’s leg. Taylor was transported to the hospital.

Four investigators, Proner, Pridemore, Sgt. Hyslop, and Davis were all summoned to the scene.

According to the incident report, the unidentified shooter was later released from detention. No conditions of that release, bond, personal recognizance, etc. were made public in the police report.

The Journal will continue to followup on this incident and others with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, now under new leadership of Sheriff Chad McBride.