Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Andeson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the follwoing incidents:
Feb. 4 – K.P. McAlister responded to the Pelzer Food Mart at 7001 Hwy. 29 N where the clerk, Karen Morales, reported that a white male, 30-39 years old, 5’6″, 180 pounds, name withheld by the ACSO, had entered the store and said he was going to destroy it so that his girlfriend, who works there, would get fired. He then proceeded to smash a glass display and fled the store. Nitinkumar Patel,the store owner, pressed charges for the damage, which was estimated at $500. The suspect could not be located, and the case was presented to a magistrate for a warrant.

Feb. 3- J.T. Bowers responded to the Pilot Convenience Store at 110 Frontage Road, where the clerk presented him with a counterfeit ten dollar bill, which a truck driver had presented. Upon being told it was no good, he paid with other currency. He stated that he had received the bill as change from a purchase made elsewhere on his trip. The bill was taken as evidence.
Feb. 4 – T.R. Chapman responded to a burglary at 1201 Durham Rd. where Richard Slovisky , of Anderson, stated that his barn had been broken into and a security camera, valued at $200,had been stolen.
Feb 4 – T.R. Chapman was dispatched to 295 Sleepy Hollow Rd. where Clyde Atkins reported that someone had entered his home and stolen several firearms, including an H&R .32 caliber revolver and a Ruger P90 .45 auto pistol. Additional ammo was stolen as well as some prescription medications. No value was set for the loss.
Feb. 5 – A.N. Brown and J.T. Bowers responded to 319 Ranch Circle where Sandra Jones, of Easley, reported that a1995 Ford Explorer had been stolen from the site, where it had been parked. A neighbor called her to ask if she had removed it from the property. It appeared that the vehicle had been dragged onto a rollback truck and driven away.
Feb. 5 – B.C. Scroggs responded to the Pilot Convenience Store at 110 Frontage Rd. where the manager reported a counterfeit fifty dollar bill and two twenties had been found in the bathroom. The bills were taken into evidence.
Jan. 27 – J.K. Vickery responded to a report of a stolen ATV at 201 Lancashire Dr. Roger Frady reported that his Arctic Cat ATV, valued at $2500, had been stolen.
Jan. 27 – A.J. Frederick was dispatched to Hwy. 29 N. and Ellison Lake Road where Chad McLaughlin, an employee of Eco Group, which is doing road work at that location, reported the theft of two CB radios from tractors parked at the site. The loss was estimated at $600.
Jan.27 – A.J. Frederick responded to a burglar alarm at 330 Wilson Rd. The owner, Kyle Wilson, responded to the scene and they discovered attempted forced entry through a den window. The entry was unsuccessful but the damage to the window was estimated at $50.
Jan 28 – C.H. McCarley received a telephone report from Bill Hunt, of 3 Breazeale Dr. that two thirty pound propane tanks,valued at $300, had been stolen from a camper in his yard.