Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
March 14 – Officers issued a trespass notice for the Dollar General Store at 526 West Main St. to Frederick Mason Jenkins Jr. Jenkins was at the store harassing a female employee he had once dated. Officer Stephen Kay handled the call.

Officer Zackary Parks investigated a report of assault and battery at 203 Williams St. Ext. Nathan Brooks, WM, 17 stated that Phillip Hughey, WM, 29 had come to the location and assaulted him. He also threatened to kill him. Officer Parks was unable to contact Hughey but is seeking a warrant.
March 16 – Officer Zackary Parks investigated the theft of a phone valued at $200 from Joyce Lane.
Patrolman Brantley Creel investigated a report of shots fired in the area of Black Street. Upon contacting Clifton Richardson, WM, 38, Creel learned that the subject had fired a shot in the air, ostensibly to frighten a dog that attacked him in his yard. He could not confirm the owner of the dog, and was instructed as to the folly of firing a shot into the air.
March 17 – Officer Eric Bonnett and Ptrl. Stephen Kay responded to 203 Williams St. Ext, where they contacted Kenneth Phillips, WM, 30 and Phillip Hughey. Both claimed that the other had threatened them, Phillips with a knife and Hughey with a chainsaw. According to reports, both had previously or were currently dating the owner of the residence, identified only as April. No evidence of an assault was found, but warrants were being sought.
Officer Eric Bonnett and Ptrl. Stephen Kay responded to 17 Virginia Drive where they found Aaron Whitmore, WM, 24 and Fabien Clerc, WM, 39 both showing signs of a fight. Both were treated for minor injuries. Subsequent investigation revealed the incident to be one of mutual combat. Both men declined to file charges.
March 18 – Officer Bonnett and Ptrl. Stephen Kay responded to 2 West Fourth St., in reference to a domestic situation. According to reports they arrested Phillip Hughey, WM, 29 on charges of assault and battery, 3rd degree; possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and unlawful use of 911.
March 19 – Officer Eric Bonnett and Ptrl. Kay Stephen investigated a complaint of larceny from Phillip Hughey, who reported that Denardis Kilgo , BM, 36 had stolen items from his apartment while he, Hughey, was incarcerated in the Anderson county Detention Center. The losses were estimated at $5880.
Officer Eric Bonnett and Officer Zackary Parks investigated a complaint of assault and battery, third degree at 12 Poinsett St. Wendy Underwood, WF, 39, stated that Dendy Ross, WF, 56 had shoved her way into the residence and punched both Underwood and her son in the face.
March 20 – Sgt. L.E. Mulz responded to Deals Galore supermarket at 28 Beaverdam Road to a report of shoplifting by an unknown customer. CCTV footage showed the man putting two packages of meat into his coveralls and leaving. When an identity is determined from the footage, a warrant will be sought.
Sgt. L.E. Mulz responded to 12 Greenville Dr. where Jasmine Garrett, WF, 22, reported the theft of all her clothes from the washing machines. The loss was estimated at $330.